How To Change Twitter Name Along With Username Step By Step


Twitter is becoming the most popular social media platform due to its grab on entertainment and news. People from all over the world like to share news, comments, pictures, and videos on different topics and issues. Twitter is getting popular due to the independent platform, where anybody can share their thoughts without any fear and restrictions.

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There would be certain issues because of which a person might change the name on Twitter. If a person just thinks of the steps then it is important to say that it’s a simple process. As you know, Twitter has been a platform since very old and people know how to change names on Twitter. If you have recently started using Twitter and don’t know how to change your name on Twitter or how to change your username on Twitter then this article will help you in this regard.

Changing Twitter name

If you want to learn how to change your name on Twitter then it is a quick and easy process. The steps that are involved to change your name on Twitter are given below:

  • Select the Twitter icon present in the device and then sign in to your account using your username and password. Important credentials to log into your account are just username and password but a person can also enter an email ID instead of a username. Select the ‘Login’ button and it will automatically take you towards the Twitter main page or homepage.
  • Now a person needs to move towards a profile for which it is required to click on the profile photo icon present on the main screen. Once the profile will open select the ‘Edit Profile’ option present at the right side of the profile menu. Below the profile photo, you will see your Twitter name present there. 
  • Tap on the Twitter name if you want to change it. Type the desired name instead of the previous name and when you have completely written the new name select the ‘Save Changes’ option present at the right side of the main screen. 

In this way, you can successfully change your name on Twitter. If a person wants to change profile picture or bio or location or anything else this all can be done in the edit profile menu.

Changing Username

If a person wants to change his username then the steps are given below:

  • Sign in to a Twitter account using the important credentials which are username and password but a person can also use an email ID instead of a username. After signing in to your account you will be able to move towards the homepage of Twitter. If a person forgot the password then you can also retrieve it by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ option present on the lower side of the screen. In this way, a person moves towards recovering the account by providing some important information.
  • A gear icon of grey color would be present on the main screen select this icon. A person may also need to select the profile icon consisting of a profile picture instead of a gear icon. After selecting the gear icon a drop-down menu will appear on the main screen and a person just needs to click again on the ‘Settings’ option present in the dropdown menu.
  • At the left side of the screen an ‘Account Tab’ will be present, just click on it and a person will see different options. An interface that will be providing different options of username, email, and many more. A person just needs to select the username option. Now type the desired username and it should be unique and attractive. 
  • A person can also add numbers in the username to make it different and if someone else has already selected the specific name then a person needs to choose a different name. When a person completely writes the new username then select the ‘Save Changes’ option of blue color present on the main screen to save the fresh username. 

Changing the username will only change the name and all the settings will remain the same. A person can direct more followers and audience towards itself just by changing its username.


The process which involves the change name on Twitter or changing the username on Twitter is very simple. A person just needs to follow the above-mentioned steps and the process would be very fluent within no time. If you want to change the username or the name using the Twitter app then the process is almost the same.

The difference is that you just need to select the profile photo icon to go towards the process to change your name on Twitter. If you want to change your username then select the gear icon and the next process is the same as mentioned above.


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