How To Change Your Car’s Keyless Remote Battery Using Simple Steps


Car users need to keep their cars safe and sound. It becomes compulsory for them to ensure the safety of their device using different locks. A car’s keyless remote is a useful way to keep the car safe from theft and other dangers.

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Keyless remotes of cars are very helpful for the users, as they can park easily at any place and can go anywhere they want.

If the car’s remote is not working or if broken,  this can cause great problems to the car users. The main cause if the remote stops working is due to the dead battery of the remote.

Most people don’t know how to change a dead car remote’s battery and hence waste money on roadside assistance. A person can change the car remote’s battery by following the given instructions:

Operating a car when the battery is dead

A person must sit inside a car then move the remote up to the driver’s door handle and strongly pull it. Only that much life can be possible to remain in the battery that can open the door. Some devices have a small mechanical key that is hidden.

A person must need to find that small button. When that small hidden mechanical button is found by the person then the driver’s lock will open. 

The same process can be possible to be used for the car starring. Just find a key slot near the steering column or any panels with a button that are made by the manufacturers and can help you to start the car.

If nothing is working in this situation, push the start button from the remote as the last option would be that the manufacturers have installed a self backup system.

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Identifying the battery right replacement

Normally people like the way a keyless remote helps in the ignition of the device. The above-given tricks to start a car are just used to move the car to the car repair shop. Most of the shops sell different batteries and each shop has a specific battery according to the remote. 

Batteries would be available according to the remote size or number-letter series, if a person doesn’t find such identification just open up the remote and take it to the shop for identification.

Opening a remote

Different remotes open in different ways just depending on their manufacturing design. First thing is to open the battery cover with a small coin or something else, if there would be no battery cover then find the system opening of the remote.

The two options would be that spring or a small button in the remote that is needed to press to open the remote system.

It might be possible that there would be a small screw in the remote that requires a screwdriver to open it. Just look at the sides of the remote to find a place where a coin can be placed to open the cover. The last option is to open the remote with a flathead screwdriver with care and gentleness otherwise we may face loss.

Replacement of the battery

When the remote case is opened changing a battery is an easy task. The main thing is to take out the old battery and insert the new battery. It is important for a person to keenly notice the battery position in the remote before he takes out the battery so that the new battery must be at its original place.

Remote batteries have a specific shape that is round and flat. If a person tries to take out the old battery then first take it out using a slight slide if it doesn’t work then look for the clips which are holding the battery in its place. Remove the clips and take out the battery and after taking out the new battery according to the observed placement of the previous battery. 

Revise all the steps you do to open the system again to close the system in the same way. If the car remote’s battery is not working then this is not a mishap rather it is required to make the car flow.

This article provides you all the information regarding how to change the battery of a keyless remote. If you want to learn more then follow the bus on our website for the latest updates.


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