How To Change Your Google Background Theme Step By Step


Most people don’t know how to change the background from Google Chrome themes. Google has set different goals in the development and hence always works in building better features for the search engine. A user always needs to put the information in the search engine and after that, the results will be visible. 

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As Google is concerned about graphics, the Google Chrome theme is also important for Google. A search page is always important as the first impression is considered long-lasting. So when a user tries to search for something then the Google Chrome theme must be as attractive as it freshens the mind and enhances the working capability. 

There are some ways to change the background of the Google Chrome theme by following simple steps.

How do you change the background picture on Google Chrome?

To change the background of a Google Chrome then certain specific steps or need to follow. The steps that are involved to change the Google Chrome theme are given below:

  • Click on the Google browser application present in the device or we can say open up the Chrome application. It is important to mention that this process will only be applicable if you are using Google browser only. Head towards the option of ‘Google Chrome Preferences’ by clicking the three dots present at the upper part of the screen. If you are using Google Chrome on a Mac then select the ‘Preferences’ at the top left side.
  • You will see the sidebar at the left side of the screen then click on the option of ‘Appearance’. After that, at the upper part of the appearance menu, you can find an option of ‘Themes’. If you have a setup of themes present in the device then the list of themes will directly appear there. On the right side, there would be an arrow that you need to click to head towards ‘Google Chrome web store’.
  • Now you will see a lot of options of Google Chrome themes including slate colors, high contrast, dark mode, etc. You can go through the complete list of the themes appearing there and can choose a theme according to your desire. A person must select the Google Chrome theme according to taste so that it always encourages you to work whenever you move towards the search page. It is encouraged not to select an image with negative vibes as it can create a worse browsing experience.
  • At last, when you are done with choosing Google Chrome theme select the ‘add to Chrome’ option that will be present on the screen. Google will immediately put the desired theme in the section of themes present in your Google account. Now a person can go to the Google account and can select the desired theme from there.

How can I change my background?

Changing the background is not a difficult task. In an Android phone just move to the home screen, press, and hold a blank area which would be present on the main screen where the apps are present. You will get an option on the home screen and now click on the option of Add wallpaper.

Then you need to select whether the wallpaper which you have selected is for the home screen or you want to set it for the lock screen. After selecting the nature of the wallpaper and its location confirm the action and the wallpaper would be set according to your desire.

How do you change the background on zoom?

If a person wants to change the background on the Zoom application then the steps are easy. You need to first sign in to the Zoom application on a desktop and then tap on the profile picture of your account. Then select the settings option and move towards the option of backgrounds and filters.

If you have a green screen setup present in the device then put a cheque in front of the option of ‘I have a green screen’. At last, select the image or video which you want to be your visual background on the Zoom application.


During the process to change the Google Chrome theme it is important to keep in mind that whatever the theme it must have a positive impact on our minds. If you want to change the Google Chrome theme again to the default theme then the steps are needed to follow in the same way until the appearance page. At the appearance, the page selects the option of reset to default and in this way, the default theme from the Google Chrome themes would be set.


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