How To Charge The Phone Without Using A Charger Step By Step Guideline


As we know, mobile phones have become a need of every third person. From old people to children, they use mobile phones for various purposes. Only a few people use mobile phones for working and other people use them for entertainment purposes. Mobile phones have provided us with a lot of internet services and social media apps.

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Excessive people use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or messenger, etc. To use a mobile phone, the first condition is that the phone must charge their mobile phones but a lot of people are having problems with their phone’s charging. They ask the question How to charge your phone without a charger? 

They don’t know why their phone’s charging is not enough for them. Even some people ask about having a way that helps them to charge their phone without a charger. Some people think it is a foolish question but it can be true. We can charge our mobile phones without using a charger. The given article is all about How to charge your phone without a charger?

By using battery pack

When a person becomes annoyed by his phone’s charging then he searches a lot to find the answer to this question. Some people ask this question: How can I charge my dead phone battery without a charger? The answer to this question is very easy. We can charge our dead phone battery without a charger by using a battery pack.

Here are the steps to find  How to charge your phone without a battery pack. Allow users to charge their phones by providing enough power. But the charging speed will not be fast in this case.

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  • A person must have to charge the battery pack before going somewhere where he doesn’t have access to electricity or a charger. There are various battery packs available in the market. We just have to connect the app with the battery pack and turn it on.

By using a hand-crank charger

People are concerned about their phone’s charging. They kept asking the question, “ How can I make my phone’s battery last longer? The answer is that it is very easy and simple. We have a facility to make our phone’s battery last longer by using a hand crank charger.

When we are on a journey and don’t have a facility for electricity then a hand crank charger is best as it does not require any electrical power. To charge a phone with a hank crank we simply have to connect the phone with a charger and then keep cranking until we get a usable charge.

By using a solar-powered charger

When a person is having a problem with his phone’s charging then he wants to know the solution of this problem and ask the question, How do I make my battery percentage go up? There are many ways to make the battery percentage go up. One of the simplest ways is to use a solar-powered charger. We can utilize solar chargers in two ways:

  • By utilizing sunlight to charge the battery.
  • By using a charger for charging the phone directly.

For this, we have to set the charger to collect the sunlight and then connect the mobile phone with the charger. 


When a person is having a problem with his battery then he wants to find some ways to speed up his charging. In this situation, they also search for How to charge your phone without a charger? People think it impossible to charge a phone without a charger but the above article is evidence of this question. It is possible to charge a phone without a charger by following the simple ways given above.


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