How To Check On Airpods Battery Life


AirPods are wireless headphones developed by Apple. They are Bluetooth earbuds that were introduced in 2016. They are not just providing you to stream music as a simple headphone but they are providing the whole control of your device. 

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They have a good microphone, easy connectivity, and high quality of battery life. The best thing about these is you will enjoy the features in the same way either you are using this with an iOS device or with an android device. 

They have excellent battery life but they can be low after long-term consumption. If you want to do an important meeting with your business clients or you are planning to do live streaming then you will think about knowing the battery of Airpods so it will not shut off while doing an important task.

It will be very annoying when you are in an online business meeting and your Airpods battery runs out. Then a question arises on how to check AirPods battery.

It seems that there is no direct method to check the battery power of your Airpods but a little trick can be made to check it. In the playlist of mobile, a specific song must be present which will make a noise type sound when the battery is low. So you can get some ideas by playing that song.

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How to check AirPods battery charge roughly

When you are going to plan to attend an online meeting like on zoom or to go music streaming then you must have to plug the charger into your Airpods so they can get charged enough to fulfill your basic need. So you must ensure that your Airpods have to get charged enough that you need.

how to ,life,airpods,battery,check on airpods battery life

If you are going somewhere and you want to confirm if it is charged or not but you are not interested in knowing how percent it is charged. Then the easiest method you can follow is by watching the status light of Airpods. Open the case of your Airpods and the status light will immediately switch on. The lights will be shown whether the Airpods are present in the case or not.

The lights can give you three types of signals. It could be green showing that your Airpods are charged enough. Green lights don’t mean that they are 100% charged. If it shows orange light it means that they are charged but not enough. We can assume that orange light is indicating 50% or maybe less percentage of battery charging. 

If your AirPods are new then orange light means it will work for up to 2 or 3 hours but if they are 2 or 3 years old then they may work for only half an hour or less. The possibility that can occur is you will see no light it means your Airpods case has 0% charging in them.

How to check AirPods battery charge percentage

You can easily know how to check AirPods battery by following the given steps:

  1. Take your Airpods and your iPhone and place your iPhone near the Airpods case. Open the case of your Airpods. As you open the case near your iPhone you will get a pop-up notification on your iPhone telling you about some details of your Airpods. The notification contains information about the battery percentage of your Airpods case but this percentage is not showing the charge of your Airpods rather it is showing the average charge percentage of both Airpods.
  1. Now remove one or both of the Airpods from the case. Then the pop-up notification will inform you about the percentage charge of each AirPods separately.

By using the above methods you can know the battery charge of your Airpods easily. It is also clear that each AirPod and their case has their own separate charging.


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