How To Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile On iPhone, Android, Or Desktop


Nowadays there are many doubts in the minds of people regarding Facebook such that Facebook is sharing their personal information with other third parties. This created a need to enhance the privacy policy of Facebook to calm down and facilitate the users. 

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Earlier Facebook does not contain the feature by using which you can see who has visited your profile but many social apps have it like LinkedIn enables its premium users to see who has visited their profile.

But recently Facebook has provided this feature to its users which enables them to watch a list of people who visited their profile in the last 30 days. Some people’s favorite hobby is to stalk others. You may want to know who has visited your profile for your ego-boosting or maybe you are too concerned about your profile privacy.

See who viewed my FaceBook profile

Follow the given steps to know who viewed my FaceBook profile if you are an iPhone user :

  • Go to Facebook and login to your Facebook account then click on 3 dots, a drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Select the option of privacy and then tap on who viewed my profile.

This feature is newly launched and maybe it doesn’t work on your device now. If you don’t find the option then you can use any iOS app like “Social Fans” and then you will be able to view the list of people who have visited your profile. You can get this app from the iTunes store and then you have to follow the same steps as mentioned above. 

If you are an android user then there is bad news as this feature is only available for iPhone users but there are a lot of third-party apps working. You can install any third-party app from the Google play store and can be able to view who visited your Facebook profile.

“Who viewed my profile” is an app that can be used by android users to view those who have visited their profile on Facebook and profile other social media accounts. 

  • Open any web browser on your desktop and go to the Facebook website. Then log in to your account and open the timeline page of your profile. After loading the page right-click in blank space.
  • From the options select the “view page source” option or you can simply use the shortcut key pr CTRL+U and a new page will open in the browser.
  • The new tab will have HTML codes of source, use shortcut key CTRL+F and a new search bar will appear on the screen. Copy and paste BUDDY_ID in the opened search bar and press the enter key. 
  • A list containing different profile IDs’ names will appear on the screen, these IDs have visited your profile. You can copy any profile id number and then paste it on and press the enter key.  

How can I know who viewed my Facebook profile on mobile?

To know who viewed our Facebook profile on mobile, we have to move to the ‘Privacy ‘ shortcuts on our Facebook account and then select ‘Who view my profile to know who sees the profile picture.


There are a lot of people in this world who are meeting with us like a spy more than a friend. So we just have to check the balance on such people. Furthermore, some people want to know who viewed my Facebook profile. The above article is totally for such people.


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