How To Choose The Best Running Earphones For Running, Workout, And Exercise


Music is a relaxing therapy. Many people used to listen to music to divert their attention from negative and depressing thoughts to comfort themselves. Music refreshes the mood that’s why people mostly take music as a companion to work and exercise. Professional athletes use warm-up music to enhance their anaerobic exercises when they are doing competitive activities.

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Many running accessories are introduced for runners and athletes and among them, earphones are the most recent. The Hearing aid market is giving a significant share of the world market of about 12.6 billion dollars and is increasing day by day. Advanced earphones are launched with many new advanced features like voice guidance, burn calories, heart rate, and oxygen level measurements.

Research on running earphones

A study was reported in some journals of sports medicine, it was conducted to analyze running earphone’s effect on heart rate, muscle power production, RPE, and post-race stress index of athletes. For this purpose, 12 male athletes were selected and Treblab running earphones were used.

In the 10 minutes, warm-up period music was played at 120 to 140 beats per minute. Then earphones were removed and they were asked to do a race on a bicycle ergometer for 30 seconds.

With a two days gap again this test was performed but without earphones and all the test results were recorded. It was concluded that music has increased output power but does not have a significant effect on heart rate. It was suggested that music while exercising enhances the energy and motivation of the person.

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How do I choose the right earphones for running?

If you are interested in buying earphones for running and exercise then you must consider the following recommendations into your mind:

  • The earphones model can allow the user to use sound isolation when he is in the gym and ambient sound when the person is in the street.
  • Choose the model whose earphones are water-resistant so they give protection against rain and sweat. If you want to wear them while swimming then ensure that the model you are choosing is providing a guarantee to use underwater. If it is water-resistant then you should wash them with water and properly dry it after every use.
  • The model should allow you to create a music list. You can design music lists according to the exercise or workout you are doing. 
  • It is recommended to choose wireless earphones to avoid disturbance created by cables while doing running or exercise. Wireless earphones work through  Bluetooth connection with or without Near field communication (NFC). You have to put your device a short distance away from the earphones as it is a short-range communication type. 
  • It is recommended to use NFC as by using NFC your earphones will connect immediately as you put them close to your mobile phone. Most wireless earphones are rechargeable then you must choose the model by taking into account its recharging time as it may vary from model to model, some earphones claim to recharge within 15 minutes and some models have energy-saving mode.
  • For comfort, you should try the earphones to check whether they fit in your ear or not. Some models come with external support and have different sizes.
  • While choosing earphones you must check the precision of sound by comparing different earphones of different models. You should check the earphones should not distort while increasing volume and it should gain bass. Some models have features that enable customizing sound quality for example Jabra has Jaybird My sound App. By using this app you can customize the sound experience.

Which earphones are best for running

Follow earphones are best for running they are different in prices, designs and performance:

  • Anker SoundBuds
  • Aukey
  • Plantronics Backbeat Go3
  • Treblab XR700
  • Jaybird Vista 2

What are safety precautions for using earphones for running?

The most important precautions you should take while using earphones for running is that you can use them within the safe limiting time and volume. It is recommended to never use an earphone more than at80% volume and not more than 90 minutes per day.  You should lower the volume when the sound is coming out from the earphones.

Do earbuds fall out when running or exercising?

Yes, some earbuds fall out while doing exercise or jogging because of sweat or other factors. To avoid this you must use waterproof earbuds, especially in hot weather.


Athletes and sportspeople love to listen to music while running or doing exercise. Some Earphones are designed for running purposes, while choosing an earphone you must consider some of its qualities as mentioned above in this article.


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