How To Clean Flat TV Screens Like LED And LCD OLED And Plasma Screens


Flats TV screens are in great demand because of their picture quality and better display availability. But the owner has to be in great misery when it comes to the question of how to clean the TV screen. There are a lot of restrictions while cleaning the TV screen. A person needs to be very careful and select specific products while cleaning. These restrictions make the flat TV screen a blessing in disguise.

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Most people just sell their flat TV screens because they are fed up with watching dirty screens and don’t know how to clean TV screens. Mostly a person just needs a dry cloth to wipe the dirt from the flat TV screen but sometimes the screen wants more. Before selling a flat TV screen because of dirtiness follow the techniques which are mentioned below to clean the screen:

What is the best thing to use to clean a flat-screen TV?

Most people are concerned about cleaning the TV screens and want to know how to clean the TV screen. If a person wants to know how to clean a tv screen then the given techniques and the things that are best to implement while cleaning:


If a person wants to know how to clean a TV screen using vinegar, then the first step is to turn off the flat-screen TV. Clean the TV surface with a dry cloth and now make a mixture of distilled water and vinegar of equal parts and put a soft cloth in the solution.

Take out the soft cloth from the solution and squeeze it to remove as much water as you want. Wipe the surface with the damp cloth and then wipe the surface with the dry cloth to remove the extra moisture from the screen.

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Petroleum Jelly

When a person tries to clean a fragile screen such as a flat TV screen, then it is important to notice small scratches. If you have noticed a small scratch on the main screen then you have a chance to repair it on your own by using petroleum jelly. First, put the petroleum jelly on the cotton and then dab it on the scratch present on the screen. The scratch would disappear after using this trick.

Screen Dr

If you are facing a problem of smudges on the TV screen and dust keeps on collecting on the main screen. The solution to this problem is a product specially designed to clean flat TV screens. Screen Dr is a product specially designed for flat TV screens to protect them from smudges and keep them dust-free for a longer period. If you are fed up with using different products you must give it a try.

Window Cleaner

A glass tube TV screen can be cleaned using window cleaners such as Windex. Spray the window cleaner on a soft cloth and then wipe the TV screen with the soft cloth. It is encouraged not to directly spray the window cleaner on the TV screen as it may cause damage to the screen. After cleaning the screen with the damp cloth again, clean the screen with a dry cloth and leave it to let it dry.

Dish Soap

TV screens are made up of very special material so a person needs to read the manual provided with the TV. Before applying any product on the TV screen a person must check whether the manual allows them to use it on the main screen or not. A person can use only one drop of a dishwasher in 100 times more water then clean the surface with a soft cloth. After cleaning it is encouraged to dry the screen with a dry cloth and leave it for an hour before turning on the TV.

Can you use a baby wipe to clean a flat-screen TV?

Many experts don’t recommend cleaning flat-screen TVs with baby wipes for many reasons. The residue which is left behind on the TV screen because of baby wipes is the most problematic. A report suggests that a clean cloth damps to distilled water when the TV is switched off is enough for cleaning.

Can I use Windex on a flat-screen TV?

Reports explain that alcohol and ammonia are present in window cleaners. A window cleaner is never recommended by the experts because the chemicals may react with the screen material. A person can also witness scratches on the screen of the TV if any other cleaner with abrasive material would be used on the screen.

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It is important to know that rubbing and scrubbing, again and again, using abrasive material can damage the TV screen. A soft cloth which is damped in distilled water is enough for cleaning the TV screen. The above-mentioned article will help the reader to know how to clean the TV screen.


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