How To Clean iPhone Speaker And Microphone Without Damaging Them


We are soo habitual of using our smartphones that we take our phones everywhere we go even in the bathrooms. Just as other things your phones also get dirty with time, you can easily clean the screen of your phone by wiping over it with any cloth but if you want to clean your mobile phone speakers then it could be difficult. And a question arises immediately in our minds that how to clean an iPhone speaker, you can do it easily at home. 

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The iPhone has two speakers in it, one speaker is present on the main screen and this speaker enables you to hear others’ calls. The 2nd speaker is present at the bottom of the iPhone just adjacent to the light port.

This speaker does not give any sound because it acts as a microphone. If your iPhone speaker and microphone get too dirty then they will not work properly due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in them. 

A heavy load of soil or even makeup will act as a blocker and it will block all the sounds coming from the speakers and you will complain about low sound music or in case of microphone your voice will not be transferred properly and the other people on call will not be able to hear you properly. This article will make you understand “how to clean iPhone speakers”.

Different ways to clean iPhone speakers

Before trying out any procedure you must do some initial steps so that your iPhone would be prepared. Prepare your iPhone for the cleaning process: These few steps include unplugging any wire or cable attached to your iPhone. If your iPhone is enclosed in a case then remove it, it is good to remove the screen protector if the mobile screen has, and in the last turn off your iPhone.

Clean your iPhone: After turning off your iPhone, clean it properly to remove any dust or debris present on the outside. You can use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth and wipe the phone thoroughly.

Find the location of speakers on the iPhone: Look around your iPhone to locate the speaker and microphone. Each speaker has a metal grille over it for the protection of speakers. Most iPhones contain one speaker at the top of the front screen and one at the bottom side of your iPhone.

Clean the speakers with a soft-bristled brush

The first method you can use is cleaning the speakers with the help of a small soft-bristled brush, it could be a small paintbrush or a toothbrush. Ensure that the brush should be dry and clean, if its bristles are long then cut it down to maintain control over the brush. 

To clean the speakers, gradually slide the brush over the speakers to take out the dirt and debris. Dried dirt may be difficult to remove, try again and again but don’t do it forcefully.

Clean the speakers with painter taps

To remove the stubborn dirt, the painter’s tape works as an efficient tool because it does not leave any glue residue. To clean the speakers with a tap, take a small patch of tape and roll it to make a tight cylinder keeping its sticky side outside. Press it into the speaker grill and remove it, if it becomes dirty then make a new one.

Clean the speakers with a toothpick

To remove any dried patch of dirt you can use a toothpick. Take a toothpick and scrape the surface of the speakers gently with the tip of it. The solid dried dirt will be removed. To soften the dried debris you can dampen the toothpick tip slightly but be careful, any liquid entry can cause serious damage to your iPhone.

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iPhones are considered strong phones and they can bear a low level of jerk and water splashes but the speakers on iPhones are quite delicate pieces. So while cleaning them a person should have to take care a lot to avoid any damage to them. 


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