How To Clean MacBook Screen To Protect Your Investment And Enhance The Display


A person should avoid abrasive items while cleaning a MacBook screen which are clothes, towels, or similar material. Instead of aggressive items, a soft or Lint-free cloth can be used. All the products of Apple are made of such material which is susceptible to damage very quickly and the best products such as MacBook are needed to store with great care. 

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It is forbidden to use aerosol spray or bleachers on computer screens and it is advised not to directly sprinkle it onto the device. Never submerge Apple products into the cleansing agent water rather wipes the screen gently with disinfectants. If a person wants to know how to clean a MacBook screen then it is a simple and careful process. The steps that tell how to clean a MacBook screen are given below:


The process of how to clean MacBook screens are listed below:

  • A device needs to shut down and detach the power cables attached to the device before cleaning. It is advised to switch off the buttons and detach cables so that a person will protect himself from electrical shock and any other damage.
  • A damp cloth with water and then softly clean the surface with a moist cloth. The cloth shouldn’t be so drenched in water that the surface becomes wet for the machine would be damaged completely. For best results, distilled water is encouraged to use.
  • Wipe the screen from top to bottom or bottom to top, a person can also wipe from left to right or work in a circle. The screen should be held from above and below to avoid re-smudging. Slightly press the screen while cleaning but shouldn’t press very harshly.
  • Clean the dirt with the wipes at the end and hence the screen is clean and ready to use.

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How to clean daily

If a person regularly cleans the MacBook screen then the display of the MacBook becomes clear. The MacBook screen became the home of annoying spots and streaks because of greasy bacteria. There is a small bacteria that sticks to the screen but cannot be seen with naked eyes. 

To get rid of all the bacteria and those problems a person can clean the MacBook screen with a soft cloth just by rubbing. First, clean the upper and lower part of the MacBook which are the main breeding places of germs. Then softly rub the sponge onto the screen with the light hands.

How to clean weekly

A person can do the weekly cleaning of the MacBook for better working and display. A lint-free cloth along with cleaning spray is required to clean the MacBook screen or any other sensitive flat surface. To remove the residue from the screen or any other flat surface it is encouraged to use a microfiber cloth. Wipes are also designed to remove the residue as they kill bacteria and stains to keep the surface safe and hygienic while using the electronics.

COVID-19 has cast many concerns about the use of electronics in firms and companies. It becomes an integral part to disinfect the electronics in the companies present around the world. Clorox disinfecting wipes or Alcohol wipes are mainly used for cleaning the electronic surface. Removing the residual from the surface after cleaning microfiber cloth is mostly encouraged. 


Different ways are available in the market to clean the screen of different devices. A person needs to know that cleaning a MacBook screen is quite a different and sensitive process. If a person faces a stubborn stain on the screen of a MacBook then this can be cleaned with the dish soap added to water and gentle rubbing. A person must rinse the sponge before use and avoid going overboard for protective cleaning. After reading the above article a person can answer how to clean a MacBook screen.


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