How To Clean The keyboard Of Your Computer Or Laptop By Using Simple Tricks


Keyboards are the main tool for inputting data into the computer. If you are using a computer for many years and it looks very ugly then you can clean its components including the keyboard by following some simple tips.

Cleanliness matters a lot, especially in the recent pandemic time. Medical specialists have stated that your keyboard can be dirty as a toilet seat so it must be clean after a specific interval of time. An Australian study has shown that a general desk may contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Chance of germs increases when you are using a keyboard which is shared by many people. 

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A study was conducted in a hospital in the Netherlands in which 100 keyboards were tested for the presence of pathogens such as Streptococcus and it was observed that out of 100 95 keyboards show positive results of containing pathogens on them.

Time to clean the keyboard

Most microbiologists, who are specialists in microbiology, agree on the point that a person should clean his or her keyboard once a week. It has been suggested to clean the keyboard of a hospital once a day and in a pandemic situation for more safety hands should be washed every time after using the keyboard. 

If you are the only user of the keyboard then you don’t need to worry about the germs, but still, clean your keyboard so it looks good and often washes your hands before and after using it.

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The process to clean an external keyboard 

First of all, you should keep care of your keyboard and don’t get the keyboard dirty such as by avoiding eating or drinking over the keyboard. After knowing the importance of keeping the keyboard clean, you must know how to clean a keyboard?. Follow the given steps to know how to clean a keyboard easily.

  • Ensure that your computer is shut down then unplug the computer wire before cleaning the keyboard. Take a can of compressed air and remove any solid crumb that is stuck on the surface of the keyboard. It will blow out many dirt presents between the keys.
  • You can also remove some types of crumbs turning your computer keyboard downward and then slightly tapping on the back of the keyboard. But do it with a lot of care and don’t tap forcefully as it may damage any inner part.
  • To wipe off the keys of the keyboard take rubbing alcohol and water in equal amounts and then mix them to make a solution. Take a q tip and dipped it into the solution and then clean the keyboard. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean the keyboard. You can also use this solution to clean your smartphone screen. While whipping the keys ensure that you don’t need to wipe it forcefully as it may remove the character name of keys.

The process to clean a laptop keyboard

The laptop keyboard is fit into the laptop and you can follow the given steps to clean it.

  • Shut down your laptop and remove any power connection that is connected. You can also remove its battery if you want. To remove any loose dirt or debris flip down your laptop and tap slightly with very low pressure. Or you can use a compressed air can blow out the debris.
  • Take a clear tap and take its sticky side and start to move between the keys so all the dirt will stick to it. Another effective material you can use to remove the inner dirt the sticky slime. Press the sticky slime between the keys and remove it by peeling it off.
  • To clean the top of the keys take disinfectant wipes and gently clean the keys without squeezing the liquid into the keyboard. In the last take a dry cloth or towel and wipe off to remove any remaining dirt or moisture.

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Keyboards are very necessary while using a computer or laptop. In this article, it is clearly mentioned how to clean the keyboard of your computer or laptop. Remember before starting the cleaning process your laptop or computer should be turned off and after you have done don’t turn on the computer or laptop until it is completely dry. To keep your keyboard clean you can use a silicone cover to protect it from any dirt in the future.


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