How To Clean Your Android Phone And iPhone From Viruses And Malware


Commonly, android device users face malware problems. It was considered a complicated process when people didn’t know how to clean their phones from viruses but now thanks to the information and technology effectively and real techniques are available to remove the infectious malware from the devices.

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The viruses present in the iPhone are quite distinct from android malware. People considered iOS devices immune to viruses and malware but recently iPhone vulnerabilities are also seen in the security threats. Android users are more likely to get viruses because of extra contact with the malware. iOS users are much protected from viruses because they only download applications from the Apple app store. 

Most of the time people ask, Can a virus destroy my phone? The answer to this question is yes. Different new and dangerous viruses are being introduced in the market that can destroy the device in seconds. If you want to keep your device is safe from such malware then these things are explained clearly in the steps given below:

How do you Check for viruses on my Android Phone?

If a person wants to know how to clean your phone from viruses then the best way is to do the virus scanning of the device. There are different antivirus programs available in the market. People want to know the answer to, Is my phone actually infected with a virus? Then the best options to remove the virus from the device are present. The steps that are involved in how to clean your phone from viruses are given below:

  • It is encouraged if a person uses “Save mode” for restarting the phone as it will shut down third-party applications and other malware present in the device. Press the “Power off” button for a few seconds and then click “ok”. When a pop-up message appears on the screen asking to save mode reboot.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon and then select the “app” option to see any suspicious app installed on its own because of the strange working of the device.  If a person identifies a troublesome app then immediately delete it by uninstalling it. Sometimes virus-carrying apps don’t have the “uninstall” option so they have to be managed from administrative functions.
  • If a person finds a troublesome app as an administrator of the security settings then move towards the “Settings” and select the “Security” option, enter in the device administrator from the security option. Now unchecked the box beside the specific app and then click on the “deactivate this device administrator” option.
  • Now again move towards the downloaded apps and uninstall the trouble-causing app. At last, open up the downloads folder and remove the installation file of “maleware.apk”. After restarting the device a person can enjoy a clean and virus-free system of the android phone.

How do I clear my iPhone of Viruses?

The steps that are involved in cleaning an iPhone from viruses are given below:

  • The easiest way is to restart your iPhone as restarting the device will create a fresh start of the device. All the device viruses and third-party applications will stop working for once. Remove the browser data along with its history after restarting an iPhone.
  • It is encouraged to restart the iPhone from the previous backup so that the important features will not be lost. Then reset all the contents and settings for once so that a fresh start could be done. After following these steps,  the iPhone becomes free from the viruses and malware present in the device.


It is not easy for a person to recognize if there is some virus present in the mobile or not. It might be possible that if the mobile is not working correctly then it is not due to a functional fault rather it is due to some virus. It is important to know that some apps keep on crashing again and again but if multiple apps crash in a device then it must be due to a virus. The above-mentioned steps will help a user to get rid of android and iPhone viruses and malware.


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