How To Clip On Twitch Some Important Tips And Tricks That Everyone Should Know


Twitch is a famous service for gamers and a normal person who is fond of games will love to watch gaming videos on Twitch. In its initial time, it was only a game Streaming website meaning only live video related to games can be watched but now everything on Twitch can be seen again as any video could be saved on Twitch. You can watch any video, it may be a program or a broadcast of a gamer.

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Twitch has launched many interesting features for its users, you will get the best experience whether you are a streamer or you belong to the audience. If you are among the audience then this article would be very informative for you. In this article, some tips are shared which you can use to clip on Twitch.

Drops earning

Drops are giveaways given by streamers, it is the latest method on Twitch to produce giveaways for watching the videos of your favorite game streamer. Only the producer of videos can make drops and to get a drop the person should have to link his or her gaming account to Twitch. To find the drops you have to look at them on the channels as they are visible under the picture.

Drops are also present on the videos, they are visible on top of the picture. To get the drop you have to select these icons or links but first, you must link your gaming account to twitch. In some cases twitch also notify its users about the drops and ask them to link their accounts. One more advantage of linking your gaming account to twitch is that then you are also able to make drops while streaming.

Different features regarding chats

Off online status: if a person wants to hide his or her online status from others then he can do it easily. To do it go to the website and tap on your profile picture present at the top right side of the screen and select the option of “unnoticeable” from the menu. After this nobody would be able to see your online status.

Block anyone: if You are chatting and any user has commented which you don’t like then you can block her or him easily by tapping on the username of the person and in his or her card you will find the option of block user, click on it and the user will not be able to message you.

Do not disrupt mode: To mute the whispers you can enable the “Do not disrupt” mode. To do it go to the whisper box and select the gear icon then choose the “do not disrupt” option.

Features regarding videos

Popping out video player: If you want to watch a video only and want to hide all other information then you can do it by playing the video in full-screen mode. But if you want to watch only in any other window then select the gear icon of video gamer and Select the option of “pop-out player” and your video will start to play in another new window on the screen.

Making and sharing clips: By using jerk anyone can make a clip from a live streaming video. You can make a clip of your favorite minute and Twitch make the clip 5 seconds before you have asked to make the clip. For instance, if you have made a clip of 25 seconds then the total clip produced would be of 30 seconds as 5 seconds earlier will also add up in the clip. You can change the timing of the clip up to 60 seconds. 

You can save and share the clips easily. A clip button is present under the video gamer, when you are watching live streaming click that button, and your clip will appear in a new tab where you can change the timing of the video and name it. Then you can save the clip by pressing the “publish” button. Select the share button and you can share your clip on social media.


Twitch is a popular website used for gaming streaming. Two types of people enjoy it: the artist streamers who do live streaming and the audience who just watched the streaming. In this article, some tips are shared for the Audience to use some chat features and use some video features also.


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