How To Connect My Phone To My TV By Using Different Wire Or Wireless Methods


The smartphones we are using nowadays are not less than a mini-computer as they are capable of doing all the tasks which were only done by computer systems. A lot of advanced features are added to smartphones that are fulfilling the space of computers.

Even now people are willing to watch digital content on their phones including movies, dramas, etc because of this smartphone companies are upgrading the screen size of phones to meet the customer’s demands. 

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But the portable smartphone screen would never be big enough to replace the TVs as mostly iPhone or Android phones have 6.7 inches screens or maybe more but if more than two people want to watch anything on the same screen then 6.7 inches screen will not be considered as big enough. Here the need arises to connect your mobile phone to your TV. 

To watch your mobile content on your TV you can connect your mobile phone to the TV. Now the first question that arises in people’s minds is how to connect a phone to tv? Or How can I see my phone screen on my TV?. You can easily connect your phone to tv by using some simple steps. A Lot of methods are present to connect phones to the tv with a wire or wirelessly. 

HDMI port

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a port that is used to transmit media including videos and audio between different devices. HDMI provides high-quality content but it has some drawbacks due to which people do not prefer it mostly. As it restricted the movement, to connect the phone to tv instructions are not mentioned, floor wiring is complex and expensive due to which people would prefer wireless methods.

How do I connect my phone to my TV without using HDMI?

A Lot of methods are present which can connect your mobile phone to TV without the use of an HDMI cord. If you want a wireless connection then you can use the mirroring or screencasting option. If you want a wired connection then you can go for a USB cable or MHL method.

  1. USB cable: If you have noticed a USB port is present in TVs and you might have thought What is the USB port on my TV for?. USB ports are introduced to the TVs to perform many functions including powering TV antennas, streaming devices, or connecting your USB flash. You can use it to charge your phone.

You can connect your phone to tv with a USB cable. Now you may be thinking, How do I connect my phone to my TV using USB? Or Can I use the USB port on my TV to watch movies?. The USB port enables phone users to transfer their files to their TVs. If the file is a movie then you can easily watch that movie on the big screen of your tv.

To do it open the “Source ” option on your TV and select the USB option. Then a notification will appear on your mobile phone screen after that you will be able to transfer any file from your mobile phone to the tv.

Another important question that is asked that Why is USB not working on TV? USB will not work with your tv if it is not recognized by the tv. Maybe the files on your device are corrupted or are not playable. You can check this by connecting the device with your PC.

  1. Screencasting method: In screencasting, you play any content on the source and it will be displayed on tv. If you are connecting your phone to tv then in that case your phone will act as a source. Many Streaming services have screencasting options built-in, Netflix is one of the services that provide screencasting options to its users. Many third-party apps are present in  Some smart TVs which can be used for screencasting. You can also use a Roku Streaming device or google Chromecast to cast the screen.
  1. Screen mirroring method: Many apps do not have a screencasting option, in that case, you can use screen mirroring. Most android phones can mirror the display on the tv screen. To use this method, install the “Google Home” app on your phone. Open it and go to the account then select the option of mirror phone and then cast screen.
  1. Chromecast: To use this method your tv must support the Google Chromecast. Then connect your phone’s wifi to the tv and select the device you want to cast. Some apps do not have a cast option in that case you can go for screen mirroring.
  1. Airplay method: This method is only for ios devices, it was introduced to send files from iPhone to Apple tv. Firstly you have to connect your iPhone and Apple tv to the wifi network then both of the ios devices will automatically find each other and you just have to select the airplay option from your iPhone.


To watch different content on your mobile phone on the tv you can connect both of them easily. After reading the above article you can know how to connect a phone to tv by using different methods. You can use an HDMI port or other wireless methods to connect the phone with tv.


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