How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Tv By Using HDMI Cable


If You are tired of playing old board games with your friends and want to show your excellent gaming skills to your friends, then the Nintendo Switch idea is the best for you. 

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How does a person can connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV?

Yes, you can connect your Nintendo switch to your smart television easily by using an HDMI cable. It enables a gamer to play games of 1080p on TV when connected with HDMI. The main advantage you will find after connecting Nintendo Switch to the TV is that you’ll be able to transform your handheld into a TV console within a few seconds. 

If you know the proper way to connect Nintendo Switch to the Tv then it will surely groom your gaming skills and be a source of enhancing your gaming experience. You can purchase a Nintendo Switch easily from the local market, ensuring that it must contain an AC adapter, joy comes with a Nintendo switch game unit, HDMI cable, Nintendo switch dock. Your TV also must be compatible with HDMI.  

How to connect Nintendo switch to TV

One can easily connect his or her Nintendo switch to the TV but you can’t connect your Nintendo switch lite to the TV because it doesn’t come with a dock and its hardware is not made to work like this. Follow the given steps to link your Nintendo switch to your TV: 

  • Take your switch dock and place it on a surface near to the TV, open the back cover of the dock and you will see three different ports, one port is labeled as AC adapter port and the other are USB and HDMI out. 
  • Take the AC adapter and connect its USB side to the AC adapter port of the Switch dock and link the other side of the AC adapter to the wall outlet.
  • Take the HDMI cable and connect its one end to the HDMI port of the Switch dock and link the other side of the HDMI cable to the relevant port present at the backside of your TV. 
  • After connecting the HDMI cable and AC adapter to the switch dock, adjust the cables so that they pass through the notch or opening present, and after doing this close the backside of the switch dock. 
  • With a lot of care put the Nintendo switch in the slot of the switch dock in such a way that the charging port and connector present in the dock line up. Ensure that the screen is facing the front side of the dock. 
  • If you are willing to dock play with joy-cons then you must detach them from the console. To do this carefully you can use a small black button present at the back of the joy-con and then slide it upward to detach it. Use any type of controller to wake up the Nintendo switch.
  • Power on your TV and the switch. From the tv choose the relevant HDMI port connected.

Why can’t I connect my Nintendo Switch to my TV?

If after doing all the above steps your Nintendo switch does not connect then ensure that you are selecting the right HDMI port from your TV. On the console Adjust the resolution settings. If still, it didn’t show connection, change the HDMI port of your TV or try again with a new HDMI cable.


You can easily transform your handheld to be on a big screen of your TV by using a Nintendo switch. To connect your Nintendo Switch with your TV you have to do a few steps as mentioned above in this article. After that, you will be able to know “How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV easily”. Your Nintendo switch must not be the cheap one Nintendo lite and your TV must be smart.


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