How To Connect Samsung Phone To Tv Step By Step


Some people like to watch movies and drama serials so much that they even spend their whole day watching them. Some people prefer to watch movies on a cell phone or some prefer to use tv to watch movies but watching movies on a tv has its charm than watching the same movie on a mobile phone

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A lot of people demand a simple way that helps them to connect their mobile phones with a tv so that they can use mobile phones or watch a video that is saved in a mobile phone on a laptop.

Fortunately, there is a way that allows us to connect a mobile phone with the tv and that is screencasting. Some people don’t know about this amazing feature. In this article, we have discussed how to connect a Samsung phone to tv.

Using direct wifi

We can easily connect a Samsung phone to a TV by using the screencasting option. For this, we have to turn on the screencasting option on a TV as well as on a Samsung device. The given steps will help us to know how to connect a Samsung phone to the tv:

  • Steps on tv:  If we are using an old model then we have to tap on a source button and select the screen mirroring option from the list. If we are using a new model then we have to select the menu and then move to the network option and select screen mirroring from there.
  • Steps on the phone:  We have to move to the shortcut keys by pulling down the screen from the top. See quick settings there we have to select screen mirroring or Smart view or quick connect. Then a new screen will appear. We have to search for our TV from the list of options. A Pin will appear on the screen of TV, we have to enter the pin on our device.

Using HDMI adaptor

A person can connect his Samsung device to a TV by using an HDMI adaptor for this we have to follow the given steps to know how to connect a Samsung phone to the tv:

  • We have to connect the HDMI adapter to the HDMI cable then we have to connect the other end of the cable with the port on our TV.
  • Then connect the adapter to the USB port on the phone. After this, we have to turn on the TV and change the input to the HDMI port that we are using.

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How do I connect my Samsung phone to my tv via USB

If a person wants to screencast his Samsung phone to a TV then he can connect his phone using a USB.  For this process, we need a USB-C to HDMI cable. We have to hook up a USB-C to HDMI adapter and then plug USB-C into the charging port of the Samsung device. After this, run the cable into your TV. Now our Samsung phone is connected to the TV via USB.

Why my phone doesn’t connect to the tv

Sometimes we can’t connect mobile phones to our TV. There may be some reasons behind it. Maybe it needs permission from the computer. We can restart our phone and TV and then try again to connect mobile phones to TV. We have to make sure that when an option appears on the TV for screencasting we must allow it. Moreover, un-updated software may be the reason behind the problem.


Screencasting is a simple way to know how to connect a Samsung phone to tv. A lot of people are still unaware of this amazing feature. A person can follow the above article to learn how to connect a Samsung phone to tv. The steps are very simple and easy. 


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