How To Connect Samsung Smart Tv To The Internet Or Wi-Fi Simple Steps


Samsung Smart TV is in great demand in the audience of this generation. People like to watch TV connected to Wi-Fi to have the latest updates and internet facilities enjoyed on a big screen. If you want to connect your TV to Wi-Fi then some measures are needed to be done before starting the process of connecting the TV to the internet. 

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A user needs to check the internet connection along with the correct password and name before starting the process. A wireless router is needed for connecting Wi-Fi to Samsung TV. A person must read the manual of the TV so that it may confirm that the TV is capable of doing this action or not. You can also buy an adapter from Amazon which supports most of the Samsung TVs. 

How to connect a TV to the internet?

If a person wants to connect the TV to wireless internet then some steps are needed to follow. The steps that are involved to create a connection between TV and the internet are given below:

  • A power button that is present on the TV or remote is needed to press to turn on the device. Now the person needs to move towards the home menu to perform this action. You can press the menu or smart hub or home button. This step will directly move you toward the menu of the device.
  • Select the option of ‘General’ from the options that appear on the screen and move towards the Wi-Fi network. The option of a Wi-Fi network will let you know all the networks available at your location. Select ‘Network‘ then any option of ‘Network Settings’ and ‘Network Setup’ will appear. Select ‘Network Settings’ according to the smart TV model.
  • Select the ‘Wireless Network’ option which directly moves you towards a type of network. The complete list of all the Wi-Fi networks available would appear on the screen, select the desired Wi-Fi network. If a person won’t be able to see his desired network then you must reboot the Wi-Fi network.
  • Click on the desired Wi-Fi network and if the Wi-Fi is protected by a password then enter the correct Wi-Fi password in the box. When a person completely writes the password and waits for a little while to confirm the connection between the internet and TV. Sometimes connection could not be done so people need to do IP address settings or enter all the information manually.
  • Press the return button so that you can move back to the network settings and select the network testing option. Network testing will test the connection between the internet and TV. When you receive a notification that the TV is connected to the internet, select ‘Ok’ to confirm it.

Why is Smart TV not connecting to the wireless internet?

If you are facing a problem that the Samsung Smart TV is not connected to the internet then you must check whether the TV and the router are connected or not. Checking the TV and the router is the most important step after that you can move towards restarting the router. 

Unplug the power cable of the router and wait for some time and then plug it again. You can also try to connect any other device to the router to check it.

How to use the internet on TV?

If you want to use the internet on a Samsung Smart TV then you have to take the TV remote and select the option of settings. After that, select the general settings and move towards the network option. 

Open up the network settings and select the desired wireless network you want to connect. Type the desired network password along with the name and when you are done select the done option. After doing all these steps select an option of ok to confirm the complete action.


When the TV is connected to the internet a person can have different features. If the Wi-Fi connectivity is not working then turn off the TV and turn it on again. Check the Wi-Fi working and settings of the WI-FI router. A person is also encouraged to move the access point of the internet network close to the TV.


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