How To Connect The Phone To TV With USB Step By Step


We all love to work on a large screen but because of portability issues, mobile screens are quite small. If a person wants the mobile screen to become large then this could be done by connecting the mobile phone to the TV using different methods. Science has evolved a lot in the field of technology

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A person can do anything but only need to know the exact process with the correct sequence of how to connect a phone to tv with a USB. Wireless connection of Android phone with TV can create different problems so it is encouraged to connect the phone to the TV using a USB cable or other cables. 

How to connect my phone to my TV via USB?

If a person ever tried to use a streaming box to TV by connecting the phone to TV then the process is quite similar. A person must read the tv manual before doing anything to know how to connect the phone to tv with a USB. The manual contains all the important information regarding ports, how to use or the location which becomes very useful during the process to connect the phone to the TV. The steps that involve in the connection of the phone to TV using USB are given below:

  • A person needs to check her the TV can support a USB connection or not. In the present era, almost every TV has a USB port but it might be possible that your TV won’t support a USB connection. To find out whether a TV supports a USB connection or not you just need to find the USB port among all the ports present in the device. The USB port would be marked with a USB icon or written USB above it.
  • When a person finds the USB port then it is encouraged to plug the USB cable in the port. If you want to check whether a USB cable is working or not a person is advised to check whether the phone starts charging or not. If the phone starts charging then it is a clear sign that the cable is working.
  • Two things are important to mention that a person must not keep on plugging different extensions in the USB port because it can create problems in the future. The other thing is that it is encouraged to have a long data cable because it would be more easy and comfortable.
  • Now put the phone somewhere near the TV and search for the ‘source’ button which would be present on the remote control of the TV. The source button may be on one side of the TV it might be possible that it would be in the menu. You need to select the ‘USB’ option from the given options.
  • After this, you will be able to see the phone screen on the TV. It might be possible that you need to fiddle a little bit so that it matches exactly. If a person wants to watch a video on a TV connected to an Android phone using USB then you must rotate the screen to fill up the space.
  • A person needs to keep the screen in the preferred direction or need to turn off the rotation so that the screen might not rotate again while watching the video. The rotation of the screen can be turned off from the settings of the device.

Why an Android phone doesn’t connect to the TV via USB?

Sometimes it happens that the TV doesn’t recognize any Android phone which is connected to it using a USB cable. A person needs to check whether the data cable is capable of supporting data transfer because some cables are available in the market only for charging. If the Android device is on ‘media transfer protocol’ then change the settings to ‘Mass storage class’.

How we can connect a phone to simple TV?

If a person wants to connect an Android phone to a TV the best way is using USB. Sometimes TV doesn’t have any HDMI ports and the only option which is remaining is using USB. A person can use a data transfer cable to connect an Android phone to a TV.


Some TVs are created in such a way that they can support anything which is plugged in in their USB port. It means that a person needs to restore the HDMI to a USB port so that the TV will recognize both of the devices. Some TVs also have a problem that they don’t have a USB port.

In this situation, a person needs to connect a USB to the TV using HDMI. This connection would be very slow and it might happen that the USB connection will not start charging your phone so you need to check your phone battery.


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