How To Connect Two Chromecast From An iPhone To Enjoy The Music


Google has worked hard to maintain its position among all the competitive sites. To maintain the popularity as well as the Grandeur of its website Google has to work hard in all the fields surrounded by its audience. Google works to provide different and amazing features to the audience to increase the public attention towards them. 

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Every year Google amazed its users with the new features or new applications introduced by the officials. Since 2013 Google has worked hard to maintain the position of Chromecast as the most affordable and most popular streaming site for the public. 

Instead of gaining strong pressure due to competitive sites Google just made its Chromecast very much easy to stream videos, music, websites, and much more on TV. The steps that are involved to connect to Chromecast from an iPhone to stream different stuff are given below:

Chromecast Setup

If the person wants to connect to Chromecast from an iPhone then it is important to do some basic settings. After doing the settings in Chromecast from the Google home application present in an iPhone, a person can enjoy streaming videos. The steps that are involved to set up Google Chromecast are given below:

  • There would be an HDMI port present in the TV, just plug in Chromecast in that port. Before launching, move towards the Apple app store present in the iPhone and download a Google home application for the device. Two things are needed to perform: first, open the Google Home app and then connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi.
  • To begin the setting of Chromecast, create a new Google home app account and name it freshly. To link the Google account, set up Google assistant and then connect Google home app to the Wi-Fi network.
  • When the process is completely done Google home application which is present in the iPhone will start showing the name of the home. Google home application will also show the location of Chromecast present near the house.

Connecting to Chromecast from an iphone

By connecting to Google Chromecast a person becomes able to stream Amazon, YouTube, HBO, Netflix, and other famous websites by plugging into TV. The most important thing to remember is that all the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The steps that are involved to connect to Chromecast from an iPhone are given below:

  • Search the Google home application present in the iPhone and tap on it to open it. A media icon would be visible on the main screen just tap on it. An option would be present below the ‘Manage system’ option that allows you to access the available music, video, podcast, or radio.
  • Different services will appear on the main screen which can be accessed by a person just in one click. There would be a link below to available applications. Tap on the given link to add the specific application in the Google home application present in the iPhone
  • A confirmation box will appear on the screen, select the ‘Link Account’ option which will divert you to the page where you can enter your account username and password. Once you are logged in, move out of the Google home application and tap on the streaming icon of services you have just linked.
  • Using a Chromecast device, select the desired media you want to enjoy on the TV. Just locate the ‘casting’ option in the Google  Chromecast application of your iPhone. A list of different Chromecast devices will appear on the screen, select the desired Chromecast device from the list. Hence a person can start enjoying anything on TV using Chromecast.


If you are thinking of connecting to Chromecast from iPhone then the above steps will help you in this regard. Chromecast is considered one of the most important inventions that are produced to help individuals to send information from an iPhone to the TV. It works so quickly that it has made a prominent position between different competitive applications.


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