How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook Simple And Easy Steps


It’s natural that whenever we buy a new device it will never be the same as our previous device. The functions and the features available on one device would be different from the functions and features of other devices. A person needs to learn the operating keys of the new device after being promoted from a previous device. A person may take days to even weeks in learning the new features of a fresh device.

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The simple feature of copy and pasting would create a major difference in your working speed and techniques. A person who has recently started working on a Chromebook and doesn’t know how to copy and paste on Chromebook would be in great misery. If you don’t know how to copy and paste on Chromebook, then this article will help you in this regard.

How I can copy and paste with the keyboard?

If you are a Mac user and you desire to copy or paste something on Chromebook, then the simplest way to do so is by using the shortcuts method. The steps that are involved in the keyboard shortcuts method are given below:

  • A person needs to press and hold the control button for a few seconds. The control button would be present on the left side of the keyboard if you want to copy the text then press the C button. If you want to paste a text on Chromebook then press the V button after the control key.
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  • A person wants to paste a text without any formatting issue then press and hold the CTRL button for a few seconds along with the shift key and v button. It is important to know that the shift key is present below the control button on a keyboard. 
  • If a person wants to copy the whole text then first press the button along with the control key this will highlight the complete text. Then press the C button along with the control key for copying the complete text.

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How do you copy and paste on Google Chromebook?

Most people ask about this question because they don’t know how they can manage to copy and paste anything using the keyboard on a Chromebook. It is advised to use the right-click feature, which is available for the Chromebook users for copy and pasting with the keyboard. If you don’t know how to copy and paste on Chromebook then the steps which will help you in this regard are given below:

  • The main step is to highlight the text which you want to copy or paste on your Chromebook. The two fingers that are mainly involved on the trackpad use them and tap on the trackpad to work on the desired text.
  • Click on the copy or paste option according to your demand from the options available on the main screen. In this way, a person can paste, adjust and remove a text from Chromebook.

How do I copy and paste an image on a Chromebook?

If a person is trying to copy a video or an image then he will notice the option of ‘Copy Link’ beside the image or video. Sometimes the ‘Copy image’ option is also available besides an image. A person can choose an option of its desired work and can copy and paste images in the Chromebook by following the steps mentioned above.

How can’t I copy and paste on Chromebook?

If a person doesn’t use the copy-paste feature on a Chromebook then he can just disable the feature, which can capture and update the web browser. If a person wants to select something and the webpage doesn’t allow it then you can press the Control + U button and a person can move towards the source code.


The ones who mainly focus on copy and paste the text on Chromebook are very master in the techniques. The ones who don’t know how to copy and paste on Chromebook can gain guidance from the above article.


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