How To Delete Apps On iPad From The Home Screen Or Through The Settings


If you have installed a lot of apps on your iPad then it will look like an app cluster containing a lot of small icons on your home screen and you find difficulty in finding any specific app. It doesn’t even look pleasant to any iPad user. They take storage space along with space on the home screen and they also consume data if they are running in the background.

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You can easily delete unwanted or useless apps from your iPad to clean your home screen, enhance your interface experience and also free some storage space on your iPad. Deleting or uninstalling apps feels like a difficult chore but it takes less time to do it. After reading this article you will find How to delete apps on the iPad easily. 

Some apps are paid apps and when you delete them then you can re-install them from the Apple store without being recharged again. You will lose all types of data that is stored within the app when you delete it from your iPad for instance if you delete a game from your iPad then you will lose the levels that you have completed in that game and after reinstalling you have to start from the first level. 

How to permanently delete apps from the iPad?

Follow the given steps to delete any app from your iPad home screen :

  • On your iPad home screen press and hold your finger on the app icon that you want to delete from your iPad. Release the finger when a menu will appear on the screen containing options.
  • Select the delete app option with the bin icon from the pop-up menu and the app will be deleted from your iPad.
  • If after pressing you noticed that the app started wiggling then a cross sign (x) will appear on the left upper corner of all the apps. Tap on the cross sign of the app you want to delete and it will be removed from your iPad.
  • If you don’t find a cross sign on any specific app then it means it is a built-in app and you won’t delete it. To go back to the normal app view tap on the blank space on your iPad home screen.

Some people have difficulty while deleting the apps from the home screen as sometimes the quick actions menu will open while pressing too hard. Then the easiest way you can use to delete apps is by using the options from the settings. Follow the given steps to know how to delete apps on the iPad permanently from the settings:

  • Tap on the Settings icon present on your home screen and select the general option with the gear icon. On the General tab tap on iPad storage and then you will find a list of all the apps downloaded on your iPad. 
  • Tap on the app you want to delete and on the other screen you will find the option of “Delete App”. Hit that button and then select delete app to confirm the deletion process.

Why can’t I delete apps on my iPad?

If you are trying again and again but unable to delete apps on your iPad then there is a chance that you have enabled the restriction feature which doesn’t allow the iPad to delete any app. To disable this feature open the settings and then tap on the general option. On the general tab select restrictions. Now you have to type the password that you have set for restrictions. Then scroll down until you find the deleting Apps option and enable it by tapping on the toggle present adjacent to it. 


To free up space and to organize your iPad home screen you can delete apps from your iPad. You can delete only apps that are downloaded as the apps that are present by default in the iPad are not deletable. You can delete any app from your home screen easily but you can also delete the app from the settings as described in the above article. 


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