How To Delete Personal Information Or Data From The Internet For Free


We are living in a technological world in which we are so dependent on the internet that we don’t even bother to do a single task manually. When a person uses the internet he or she mostly adds his or her personal information to different websites or the website itself gets information from the user.

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The uploaded information on the internet is not secure as anyone can access your data, he may be a marketer, stalker, or fraudster. 

There are many reasons due to which a person may want to remove his or her data from the internet. When you search on Google the search results and text saves on Google. A person may not want to share his or her search results with the public as they may contain some sensitive information. 

A person wants to remove his or her personal information from the internet if he or she is very conscious about his or her privacy or that person is afraid of fraud. But you don’t need to worry, read this article and you will be able to know how you can delete your personal information from the internet.

Knowing what information is present on the internet

Firstly you have to find out what type of information is present on the internet about yourself then you can remove or delete it. Take another private tab and Google yourself on it and then find out what the public can see about you when they Google you. 

Next go into the data brokers such as MyLife, Radaris, Intelius, or Been verified. Data brokers take the Personal information of people from the public records and enter all of this information in database systems then sell these databases.  The information which data brokers have is your name, phone number, address, and names of your family members. 

Stop appearing your name on Google search

If your name is appearing in Google searches that means your profile is visible to everyone. Google is taking your information from any third-party app, it may be Facebook, Twitter, or any social media app.

The first thing you can do is ensure that your profile of different accounts is not public. If the profile of your social media accounts is public then you have to make all of your social media accounts private. 

Deleting Personal information from a website

If you are interested to remove your personal information from any Website present at Google then you must follow the given steps:

  • The first step is to contact the website from which you want to delete your personal information. Go to the website home page scroll down, at the bottom of the screen you find the section “contact us”. In this section information is given to contact the website owner, maybe an email address is given so you have to email them, or the option of the direct message is available. 
  • If you don’t find any section of contact us then you can find the person who is the owner of the website by using the whois search feature of Google. Open Google and type “whois” then the website address in the search bar. You will find the email address to contact with the website, it is mostly named as “administrative contact” or “registrant email”.  By using the “whois” feature you mostly get in contact with the host of the website.
  • After getting contact from the website, email the hosting company that you want to remove your personal information. When the website removes all of your personal information then it will not be available if someone searches you on the internet. 


You can easily delete or remove your personal information from any website on the internet by contacting the owner of the website or the hosting company of the website. To be secure you must recheck what information is on the internet about you after some time interval so you can remove it as soon as possible.


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