How To Delete Temporary Internet Files Step By Step


Due to different internet activities sometimes a person may find a lot of temporary internet files that are saved on the device. The temporary internet files only occupy the memory of a device and hence it just takes the space of important data. It is encouraged to delete the temporary internet files or the cookies from the device from time to time. 

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The deleting process is not very difficult or long; rather a person can get rid of such useless files and cookies in just a few seconds. How to delete temporary internet files is not a complicated question but it becomes very easy if a person knows the exact process of clearing the cache data. 

If the temporary internet files remain unchecked then this can be a great problem and a person has to face unexpected outcomes. 

How do I delete temporary internet files?

If you want to know how to delete temporary files then it is important to mention that the steps are easy and quick. The steps that will let you know how to delete temporary files are given below:

  • Select the ‘Tools’ menu which would be at the top right side of the screen in the form of a gear icon. Click on the option of ‘Internet’ which will be present there and you will find a section of ‘browsing history. Click on the ‘ Delete’ option in the current section and you will see a different checkbox next to the files.
  • All the temporary files would be selected by the system but if you want to preserve some of your data you can remove the ticking present in the checkbox so that the files will not be deleted along with other files. Once a person deleted the temporary files it is important to minimize the complete process.
  • In the menu of ‘Internet’ options move towards the ‘browsing history and then select the ‘Settings’. The next option to the ‘disc space to use’ is the space of temporary files. A person needs to lower the amount of memory for the temporary files and it is recommended that the number must be between 50 to 250 MB.
  • Click on the ‘ok’ option so that all the changes would be saved. Again select ‘ok’ and in this way, you will exist from the menu of internet options.

How to delete temporary internet files in the Chrome application?

If a person wants to know how to delete temporary internet files from Chrome then must move towards the home screen of the device. Select Google and move towards the Chrome application. 

Select the menu icon in Chrome and then click on the option of clear browsing data. In the drop-down menu, you will find the time range and select range to clear the option. Select option of clear data and this will delete all the temporary internet files.

How to delete temporary internet files in the device of Windows 10?

If a user doesn’t know how to delete temporary internet files in Windows 10 then the answer to this question is easy. Click on the settings of the device and select the system option. Move towards the storage under the section of local disc you will find an option of temporary files.

Select the desired temporary files present in the storage settings you want to delete and when you are done selecting the desired temporary files select the remove option. In this way, all the selected temporary files will be removed from Windows 10.


A person must keep an eye on all the data present in the device. Temporary internet files along with cookies can be dangerous for the users as well as the device in the future. A person can learn how to get rid of such risks using simple techniques in this article.


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