How To Download Apps On Samsung Smart Tv By Following Simple Steps


In this world full of technology, tv has become a need of every third person. Watching tv does not depend on age. Today it is the need of the young generation, children, and old people. Due to this reason, we have to be careful while buying tv so that it will fulfill our needs.

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Many companies are updating their TV features just to increase their demand. But when we compare Samsung smart tv with the other TVs then we will come to know that Tizen-powered Samsung sets provide us with more amazing features. 

One of the Great features is the amazing picture quality. It doesn’t matter that you have purchased a new tv or are using the old one, Samsung smart tv provides its users an interface to have access to streaming services like news and weather content, web browsing, Netflix and Hulu, and more. In this article, we will learn how to download apps on a Samsung smart TV.

Downloading apps on Samsung smart TV

If a person decided to download apps on Samsung smart TV then he must have to follow the given steps:

  • Step 1:  The first step involves making sure that our TV must be connected to our home network. We can perform Some functions on Samsung smart TVs even without having an internet connection. but to download apps, we have to connect our TV to our home network.
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  • Step 2:  Look at your TV remote home or smart hub button that will be present on it. Press the button, different models of Samsung tv contain different locations of buttons. It means that the home or smart hub button can appear as a picture of a house, a 3D square having multi colors, a simple label smart hub button.
  • Step 3:  After pressing on the home or smart hub button a pop menu will appear on our screen at the downside of the screen. This is our TV home screen, this will contain all the main waypoints starting from our pictures and setting to our personalized Samsung app experience. 

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Here we will see a list of default downloaded apps, we will also see recommended and recent apps. We have the facility to select any of the given options by using a remote button. If a person wants to download an additional app, move to the left side of the menu an option named apps will appear, select it.

  • Step 4:  Samsung app store will appear after following the above steps. To download an additional app, search for that app by typing on the plus icon that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Step 5:  A new screen will appear after selecting the app. This new screen will explain the services and features of the app that we want to download. Select the option “open”, this will take us straight to the app without adding it to the tv home ribbon.
  • Step 6:  To bring up the TV home screen again, tap on the home or smart hub button. Now recently downloaded apps will appear on the list of built-in downloaded apps. Move to it and select it to open the app.


To download apps on Samsung smart tv, a person has to follow the above steps. That is a simple method. A person doesn’t have to do a lot of work just to download the app on Samsung smart TV, follow the above steps and you get it on your tv.


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