How To Download GIFs By Using The Internet Browser Of Your Computer, iPhone, Or Android Device


Gif contains graphic images in the same file connected with a short animated sequence. Gifs were introduced in the 1980s and were very popular in ancient world wide web time but then their popularity dropped. Now social media has enhanced the usage of GIfs. GIF is easy to download and use as in the case of adding in a website as a static image. You can download GIFs from any type of browser including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge. 

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Before downloading, you have to understand that while downloading the gif you have to choose the correct format so you will be able to play it in any online app, desktop application, or sporting browser. If you don’t download it in the right format then you will be able to see only a single frame in the animation sequence. Today the internet is full of gifs and you can easily find and save them on your device. After reading the article you will be able to find How to download gifs easily. 

How do I download a GIF to your computer?

You can easily find your desired gif anywhere on the internet. To open and watch gif software are present by default in most browsers. Given steps will explain how to download gifs to computer:

  • Open any internet browser on your computer and find the gif you want to download. Place your cursor on the gif and right-click on it. 
  • From the menu select the “Save as…” option and a new window will open on the screen and choose the folder. 
  • Add the name of the downloaded gif in front of the file name option and ensure that save as type is the gif image format. Click on the downward arrow and select the gif image option if any other extension is being displayed. 
  • When you are done, hit the save button present at the bottom right side of the screen. After downloading you can easily find the GIF in the folder that you have chosen earlier. 

How to download GIFs to your iPhone?

Safari browser of iPhone did not support gif download manager. So to download a GIF to your iPhone Camera roll you have to do it manually using the following steps:

  • Go to the browser of your iPhone and open on it. Find the gif you want to save on your iPhone. Open it by tapping on it. Never save the gif as a search result because it will not be open as the format will be unreadable. 
  • Press down on the gif and a menu will appear on the screen, tap on, save the image from the menu and close the browser.
  • Go to the Photos app of your iPhone and in the album folder scroll down until you find a media types list. Tap on the animated option under the media types section. You will find your downloaded gif here. 

How to download GIFs to your android Phone?

Follow the given steps to know how to download GIFs to your Android phone from your browser:

  • Open any browser on your Android phone and go to any gif website. Tap on the desirable gif to open it and press down on the gif and a menu will pop up on the screen. 
  • Tap on the download image or save image option from the menu. Close the browser and go to your photo gallery and you will find your downloaded gIf here. If you don’t find it in the photo gallery go to the downloads App.


Gifs are very entertaining short animated videos, people find it interesting to send them on social media apps. You can easily download any type of gif by using the internet browser of your device. You can download GIFs on your computer, iPhone, and Android device by using the procedure as it is described in the above article. 


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