How To Download Or Save Videos From Different websites


If a person knows how to save videos from different websites then he is the master of all. A human mind wants to see different things present on social media.

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As the fact is different things present on different sites need different techniques and processes to be downloaded in our hands. A person can save movies, shows, or any video material on PC or Mobile by using the options given below:

Ant Video Downloader 

Different social media websites don’t offer users to download the video stuff. They are offering to watch, for this reason, different third-party apps are used for downloading such videos. One of the third-party apps mainly used in firefox is “Ant Video downloader”. 

  • Open the ” Ant Video Downloader” website and click on the option ” add to firefox”.
  • Click on ” add” which is present in the pop-up notification.
  • Open the icon of Ant video downloader which will appear on the firefox search bar then click on ” Ok Got it” to cancel the pop-up notification.
  • Then move towards the video which you want to download and select that video. After That move towards the Ant video downloader option present in the firefox then click on the ” install” for saving the video.
  • Click ” Save File” which will be present in the newly appeared window and then select the destination of the video on the PC.
  • Now open the file that you have downloaded and click on the option ” Install” and follow the given instructions. 
  • The video that you want to download refresh its page and click on the “Ant Video downloader” icon which appears there. At last click on the ” Download” option that will appear close to the video title.
  • When the video is completely downloaded, confirm the destination of the video

Inspect Element Website:

If a person finds the above method quite difficult then another option is to use “Inspect Element Website”. Some videos that are liked by us show the link as a page source code. Inspect Element Websites exactly work how the browser works on mobile phones. The following method is used to download videos on firefox by using the Inspect Element Website.

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  • Move towards firefox and type ” about config” in the search bar of Firefox 
  • Click on the option “accept the risk and continue” this will provide Firefox an opportunity to gain access to your settings.
  • Click on ” show all” which will be appearing at the upper part of the screen. 
  • Enter “general.UserAgent.override” in the search text box. Click on the option ” strings” and click on the “+” sign that will be appearing on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter the following command and then click on the “tick” sign. 

iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_3 like Mac OS X Mozilla/5.0 FxiOS/1.0 Mobile/12F69 Safari/600.1.4 AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) 

  • Play the video you want to download then right-click and select ” inspect Element option”.
  • In the source code option click on the option ” div id=”player”
  • Click on ” div id=”movie”
  • Click on the option ” div Class”
  • Below the entry option, click the ” src=” link for the complete URL
  • Select copy option for the desired URL
  • Now put the copied URL in the new browser window and right-click for the option for saving as
  • Select the location of the video on the PC

Again move to about: config website and write generally.UserAgent.override in the search box and then click on ” trash can” for the settings to be restored.


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