How To Download Twitch Clips By Following Simple Steps


In the new updated version of Twitch, it is found that the company has removed the download option through which video clips were downloaded. Maybe it is by mistake but until now the option is not added back for the users. 

So now any direct or simple way is not present as there is no built-in feature left by using which we can download twitch clips. But it is not impossible to download the clips you can download twitch clips easily.

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There are a lot of ways by which you can download twitch clips easily. The selection of the method depends upon which method is approachable by the user. You can download twitch clips by using Firefox or Google chrome. Another way to download twitch clips is by using any outside source. Most people find outside sources easy and effective such as  “Clipr ”.

Download twitch clips by using Clipr

Clipr is a website that works as an outside source to download twitch clips. Clipr can pull the video clips from twitch that’s why it is considered the easiest way to download twitch clips.

A Lot of different websites are present which enables us to download twitch clips but the Clipr is easy to use. Follow the given steps to use Clipr for downloading twitch clips:

  • Open your internet browser and go to the twitch website, find the clip you want to download. Open the clip and copy its URL. 
  • Open another tab in your browser and go to the Clipr website. When the Clipr website will open you will find out that a specific place is present to paste the URL. Paste the URL in the given space which you have copied earlier of your desired video and then click on the download button. 

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Download twitch clips by using Firefox or Google Chrome

You can download twitch clips easily by using an outside source but by using any outside source like Clipr you are not able to select the resolution of downloaded video. When you use Google Chrome or Firefox to download twitch clips then you can select the resolution of the video clips. You are also able to control the clip which you are downloading on your computer. 

You can download twitch clips easily from your browser but to do it easily and simply you should use Firefox or Google chrome. You need a tool called “inspective tool” to download the clip easily through Google Chrome or Firefox.

Steps that are needed to download twitch videos from google chrome or firefox are given below: 

  • Get an inspect tool on your internet browser. Go to the video which you want to download and open the video and set the quality of the video by adjusting the resolution of the video. After getting the desired resolution to stop the video and right-click on the video screen, from the given options select the “inspect” option.
  • After pressing the inspect option scroll up until you find a line containing a link that starts with “https://clips-media-assets….” And ends with “.mp4”. Double click on this line then the link will be highlighted. After this, you have to copy it either by right-clicking and selecting the copy option or by using the command “Ctrl+C” on PC or “Command+C” on Mac.
  • After copying, open another window on your browser and paste the link you have copied. You will see your browser will start to download the clip automatically.


If you want to get twitch clips offline or you want to share them with your friends or family then you can download twitch clips easily. You can use any outer source or can download from your browser easily. After completion of downloading your desired clip video will be saved in your download folder and you can watch it offline or share it with anyone.


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