How To Download Whatsapp Messenger On Your Android Or iPhone


Whatsapp is the most usable social app. Other than chatting it provides video, audio calls, pictures, video, and location sharing features. In the world, almost 2 billion people are using Whatsapp daily to get connected to their friends, family, and their business contacts.

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In this Pandemic time when every one is bound to his home, social apps like Whatsapp are playing a major role in connecting people especially when they are far away. Any person can voice or video call without any time restriction. We can’t deny the popularity of WhatsApp even before the Pandemic condition. Since 2014, it has been under Facebook ownership. 

Business Whatsapp is also playing a key role nowadays when all the businesses are shut down and people are working online. Shopkeepers have shared their Whatsapp contacts and they are dealing with their customers by sharing pictures. 

They are marketing their products by updating statuses. They are taking orders and providing home deliveries. It has been estimated that Whatsapp usage has increased 40% in Pandemic Condition. 

Another main interesting feature Whatsapp is providing to their users is the ” end to end encryption” privacy of chats. All your communication including text and calls is highly protected.

Whatsapp is providing highly manageable group chats in which many people can chat at the same time. All of the WhatsApp features are free of cost. You just need an internet connection. Whatsapp itself does not charge anything for its services.

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Download the app

To get Whatsapp on your device you have to download it from an app store. You can download WhatsApp from the Google app store for your android and from the Apple store for your iPhone. Along with it, you can download WhatsApp on your Mac and Personal computers as WhatsApp has made a version for Mac and PC Windows. 

To download WhatsApp on your laptop or personal computer you have to go to from your system browser and there you will find the option to download WhatsApp.  But to run WhatsApp on your PC you have to connect your mobile phone WhatsApp to your PC.

You can use WhatsApp on your iPad also but in that case, you have to connect your iPad to the iPhone and it can be used on the browser as until now WhatsApp has no version for iPads.

Use of Whatsapp

After installing the app, WhatsApp provides you with a ” how to use” option. By tapping on it you will read about the way to start. It includes all the tips and general information of all the features of WhatsApp including texting, sharing media, voice calls, etc.

WhatsApp provides new versions with new features day by day. A person should recheck the version of his or her WhatsApp after some time so he or she can get to know about new features and get an updated version to enjoy the new features.

” Dark mode” is one of the recent updates in WhatsApp. Other than this, new animated stickers and face emojis also get updated day by day.


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