How To Edit YouTube Videos For Free Online Step By Step


People are always in search of replacements for different video editing tools such as Windows Movie Maker etc. It would be the most popular if it can add different text along with the music and embellishment to the videos. The most useful video editor which can work on all the modern features of video editing is FlexClip as you don’t need to move towards expensive professional programs.

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FlexClip is an online website for video editing as you can have a subscription to it for free as well as paid version. It’s not only a video editing website, rather you can also enhance your business plans. This website helps you save different videos online by more than 1,000 creating a very low budget with good working. 

How to edit YouTube videos for free online?

As you can have different video tutorials on FlexClip editor but the best way of using it is given below:

  • First, you need to attach your desired file which may be a video and image or music file with the online video editor. After that, you can add a storyboard, or if you want you can also delete it. The storyboard is required to manage according to your desire and taste.
  • A person can add a voice-over to the video along with the editing and trimming as the frame can be split up by using different filters. A simple person can work on this editor in the adjustment of colors and exposures like the working of an expert. The speed of a video can be increased or decreased along with the addition of elements of the music logo and text.
  • For the official working companies can add footages and logos. The rotation of the frame along with the addition of background and watermark is the prominent feature. According to the social media platform, a person can adjust the ratio of the aspect.
  • At last, users need to export the video to the local disk or Drive.

How do you make YouTube videos for free?

If a person wants to make free videos on YouTube then the best option is Animoto. You need to start your process from the storyboard template and then upload the video clips. Now it is important to mention that the photos or video clips must be from the library stock. You can also personalize it by changing music or text or color along with it you can also add a logo to it. Now the product which you got can be shared on YouTube just in one click.

Does YouTube have a free video editor?

Yes, YouTube has a video editor which works for free for the users only. It is a fortunate thing that YouTube has a web-based editor. The editor completely works free and is easily accessible to all the users of YouTube. The editor is easy to use and this creates audience attention. Content creators are more benefited through it.


Editing a video for free specifically for YouTube doesn’t cause a great problem as you just need to upload your clip to the video editor of your choice. The editor will work on the video according to your taste like text overlays, multiple screens, streaming, subtitles, music, cuts, etc. When the complete working on the video is done you can download or share the video on the device or you can directly upload it on YouTube.


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