How To Factory Reset PS4 By Using Different Methods


If you are planning to buy a new gaming console and want to sell the first one. Then you must factory reset it to wipe off all of your accounts and data from it. Another chance is that you are facing a freeze problem while playing games and it freezes just before you hit a checkpoint. Many PS4 users experience this type of problem and a simple way to fix this problem is by performing a complete factory reset.

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The factory reset process on PS4 is quite straightforward. It works as a last option to ensure the functionality of the system. Before starting the process you have to ensure to back up all of your important data including important pictures, videos, and saves and save it to a safe place and this could save you from future difficulties. If you factory reset your PS4 without backing up your data then all will be gone and you have to start from scratch. 

You can save your data in a flash drive by copying the file or if you are a PS Plus user then fortunately you can upload all of your important data to the cloud storage. You need a PlayStation account to backup your data in the cloud, this account will give 100GB of storage space. The given article will explain how to factory reset a PS4 by using different methods. 

How to reset a PS4 and delete everything from it?

There are two methods you can use to factory reset your PS4 the first one is by using the dashboard of your console and the second one is by using the safe mode. Follow the given steps to factory reset your PS4 by using PlayStation for the dashboard:

  • Sign in to your PS4 account and from the settings menu select the account management option. Open activate as your primary PS4 tab and deactivate it by clicking on the deactivate option and then hit the yes button on the other screen
  • Again sign into your PS4 account and go to settings. And click on the initialization option. From all options, select Restore Default Settings. This will wipe off all your saved data and back the PS4 to its factory settings but it will not remove data from the hard drive.
  • Now choose the Initialize PS4 option to clear all the data from the hard drive. And all the data will be cleared that you have ever added to your console including save game data and downloaded games. Now your PS4 is like in that condition when it was bought
  • Choose how you want to initialize the PS4. Select the full option. The process will start progress but it tells you how long it will take. When the process is finished then you have to set up your PS4 as you have done the first time you turn it on. Or if you are planning to sell it then it is now fresh without any data. 

Factory reset by using the safe mode

If you are facing any system software problem or other types of error that doesn’t allow you to open the settings menu then you can get the same options in the safe mode. Firstly you have to turn off your PS4 and then hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. Now safe mode is on. In the safe mode, you can either choose to restore default settings so everything will be reset but your data will be kept.

Old you can select the initialize PS4 option, this will clear all the data on your hard drive but system software will be kept. The last option that you can choose is to initialize the PS4 reinstall system software, this will reinstall all the operating systems. 

How much time is required to factory reset a PS4?

Factory resetting is a long process and it may take several hours to complete and you have to wait until it shows completion on the progress bar. 


After reading the above article you will be able to know how to factory reset PS4 using different methods. You have to understand that after the factory reset the whole hard drive will be wiped off. System software Will also be removed. The factory reset should be used as a last option when a software glitch is happening or you don’t want to keep your data on that particular console. 


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