How To Find A Restricted Phone Number To Find Out How To Find A Restricted Phone Number


Many people in this world are doing spam and pranks on others. They are so bold that they prank other people to have fun. Sometimes just to get some fun they call someone and disturb them. Before doing such a crime they block the origination of phone calls by dialing *67. 

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Dialing this will restrict their number and the person whom they are calling will not be able to trace them. When they call us, ‘Restricted’ appears on our screen. It shows they have restricted their number so that they cannot be traced by us. This is a way to disturb themselves without being caught. Doing such kinds of acts is because of some reasons. 

They call other people by restricted phone numbers to get rid of boredom, to have fun, to prank someone, etc. If a person wants to know about that then there are a lot of ways to have info about the restricted numbers.

It’s in human nature that when an unknown number calls us then we get curious to find who is calling us. Here are some steps a person can follow to search for the restricted phone number.

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By checking phone records: 

The easiest way to check about a restricted phone number is to check the phone records. We should check the phone records at the end of the month to find who has called us or not.

What we have to do is to check the date and time of that call and at the end of the month while checking phone records match the date and time with that restricted phone number. After this, we will find the number list.

By blocking restricted phone numbers:

The other easy way to find a restricted phone number is to block the restricted phone number. There is an option in settings where we can allow the phone to block all the calls from restricted numbers. The people who want to contact us will follow some other ways to contact us while the other people who are doing it for no reason will not disturb us. In this way, we will get rid of such restricted phone numbers.

By asking from the caller:

The initial step to having info about the restricted phone calls is to ask them. Some people are doing it for fun and they don’t want to give us their information. In this case, we have to be careful and while talking to them he will unconsciously tell them about himself. If this method does not work then we have to follow other ways discussed in this article.

By taking police help:

We have a facility in this situation where we can contact the police and ask them to trace that person. They have a kind of technology that helps them to track restricted phone numbers. In this way, we can have information about restricted phone numbers.

They can be our friends or family members who are doing it for fun but they can also be some unknown number that is doing this to have information about them. So we have to be careful in this type of situation.

Above are some ways a person can follow to know about restricted phone numbers. We hope this article will help you. Please follow our websites for more informative articles.


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