How To Find & Delete Duplicate Files Easily On Your Mac By Using Different Methods


There are a lot of reasons due to which duplicate files are created on your phone or computer. For instance, if you are creating backups or transferring data from your mobile phone to your computer again and again then there is a great chance that your computer will have many duplicate files. 

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These duplicate files will accumulate in the hard drive of your computer and make a great space as well as create a massive situation.  You have to find duplicate files on external hard drive mac computers and regularly keep checking and delete them.

You can find and delete duplicate files on your Mac computer but it is hectic and time-consuming. Instead of doing it manually, you can use a duplicate file finder as it is easy and less time-consuming.

How to find duplicate files on mac?

You can easily find duplicate files on an external hard drive mac including photos, videos, documents, audios, and many more by using the Smart Folder method by following some simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Open the Finder app and click on the file option present at the top left side of the screen and click on the new smart folder from the menu that appears on the screen.
  • On the top right corner of the new folder a plus icon is present, click on it to create a search query. Now choose the type of file you want to search and also choose the location
  • You can search a specific file format including JPG, PNG, DOCS, etc in a specifically selected location like a USB port, Hard drive, or a specific folder.
  • The list will appear now you have to change the view of the list so you can see thumbnails of the files you found after searching. Now sort out entire files based on name or kind.
  • Now select all the duplicate files by holding the command key, after selecting right-click on them and choose the option of “Move to Bin”. After that, all the duplicated selected files will be deleted.

Duplicate file fixer

Duplicate file fixer is the best macOS-supported File Finder of Mac. Go to the official website of duplicate files fixer to download the app on your Mac. After downloading Install it and then open it. Open the application and add folders, files, or hard drives so you can scan the duplicated files from these easily. 

Then click the scan now option and the scanning process will start. After the completion of scanning scan results will appear on your Mac screen. Go through the scan result and select the duplicate files that you desire to delete. Select the “Delete Marked ” option and the selected files will be deleted.

Is a duplicate file fixer safe to use on mac?

Yes, it is safe to use a Mac as well on windows. You can easily find duplicate files on an external hard drive mac with a single click including documents, photos, movies, etc. You can use it for your android and windows Operating systems also. It contains advanced search engines that can find all the duplicated content with all files formats. 

Easy Duplicate Finder

Another tool you can use to find duplicate files on an external hard drive mac and then delete is Easy Duplicate Finder. It is created to support ios, android, and windows devices with improved performance. It works well on the Mac Operating system. 

You can scan drives, SD cards, USB sticks, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other storage devices by using Easy Duplicate Finder. The advantage of using Easy Duplicate Finder is that you can compare the inner content of files along with name and size. You can also find duplicate emails and contacts present on your Mac. 


Duplicating items on your Mac computer can be annoying and can reduce the performance of your mac system.  In Mac, no inbuilt system is present to remove duplicate files. So to find duplicate files on an external hard drive mac and remove them you must download and install an app such as Duplicate file fixer or Easy Duplicate Finder. 


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