How To Find Free wi-fi Connection Near Your Location Complete Guideline


It happens in a person’s life that all the things start getting worse in a short period. Sometimes, while working on a school project or a business, a person might run out of data packages and balance. It becomes very difficult to find a place with Wi-Fi connectivity near you or to have a data package at a lower rate at home. The problem is solved by the experts now and a person can gain access to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot within a few seconds.

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The best option for free Wi-Fi availability is using third-party applications which have some restrictions in their working though. Some Wi-Fi connections are guarded by passwords or allow only a few users to connect. The other main feature which is available to the free Wi-Fi hotspot seekers is that they can avail themselves of the Wi-Fi connectivity for free at some places like restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, and shopping malls, etc.

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How do I find Wi-Fi hotspots in my area?

Most people want to know How they can find the hotspot places near their location. People are always in search of free Wi-Fi availability so different techniques are available on the internet to find free Wi-Fi availability. Some of the ways of getting free Wi-Fi hotspot are given below:

ISP’s hotspot

Different charters spectrum Wi-Fi corrections are available and are used. A person can avail of the features by following the steps given below:

  • Search for the Wi-Fi tab present in the device and then open it up. First, search the available networks and then select the desired spectrum from the list available on the screen. 
  • Now enter the spectrum username and its password that you use at your home for speeding the internet connection. No caps are available in the spectrum so a person can avail unlimited data on the same bandwidth.

McDonald’s Wifi

McDonald’s has a very vast platform to provide free Wi-Fi available to its customers. McDonald’s spread its branches all over the nation and provides free availability to every branch. It might be possible that a branch operator of a McDonald’s may disable the free Wi-Fi available but it is a very rare case. McDonald’s provides two Wi-Fi connections to the users where the customer can log in and select the ‘Connect’ option to gain access to the Wi-Fi availability.


This application provides hundreds and thousands of places to the users where they can access free Wi-Fi availability. If a person has provided a free hotspot availability place then the user can access the other locations very easily and get updated through the app. If a user wants to search Wi-Fi locations to a specific place like an airport, mall, or restaurant then he can also search by putting the name in the search box. It is an international website working in different countries like Brazil.


It is a search engine where a person can just type the location and find the nearest Wi-Fi locations even if the device is offline. It works almost in the same way as the above-mentioned search websites and has millions of Wi-Fi locations in the database. It allows the connection to different systems like Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

AT&T’s WiFi Hotspot

Different brands use the services of AT&T’S Wi-Fi hotspot to provide free Wi-Fi available to the customers to gain the attention of a larger audience. Barnes and Starbucks are some of the brands that use Google Wi-Fi to provide services to their customers. Sometimes due to firewalls, a person cannot access the Wi-Fi connectivity of such brands so that third-party applications can be used to resolve this issue.

Which app gives you free Wi-Fi anywhere?

An application is present on the internet which gives the free Wi-Fi connection to anywhere which is Avast Wi-Fi Finder. This app finds Wi-Fi connectivity near you and updates a person regularly. It is important to know that when a person starts using this application for the first time then Wi-Fi connectivity is an important priority.

How do I access Wi-Fi?

To find the way of getting access to the Wi-Fi a person needs to move towards the settings present in the device and then open up the Wi-Fi networks. Then tap on the wireless Wi-Fi networks and if you know then type the password of the Wi-Fi connection. That’s when a person selects the connection option then the device will automatically connect it to the Wi-Fi present at the specific location.

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There are some apps and websites such as Wi-Fi Free spot Directory, Avast Wi-Fi Finder, and many more that will help you to find free Wi-Fi locations. If you have once used Wi-Fi locating software then this software will always update you. If you are near a free Wi-Fi location then the system will automatically inform you by following the previous record.


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