How To Fix Facebook Not Working On Android Step By Step


Facebook mobile application is popular among more than 5 billion people in the world. A lot of people have installed this application from the Google Play Store and make it one of the most audience-loving social media applications in the world.

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Despite being a well popular and well-loved application, people complain about Facebook at different times. The most common complaint about Facebook is that it’s not working. If you have ever experienced the problem of Facebook not working on Android then this article will help you in this regard.

How do I fix Facebook on my Android?

Most people want to know what to do if Facebook is not working on Android. There are different tricks to solve the problem of Facebook not working on Android. Simple tricks to fix this problem are given below:

Restarting Mobile

Sometimes only restarting the phone can fix a lot of problems occurring in the device. If the device is working for many days, it is encouraged to restart the device to fix different problems. Press the power button for a few seconds and select the restart option from a tab that appears on the screen.

Updating Facebook application

Facebook continuously updates its application to fix all the bugs so a user is required to update the application from time to time. If you are using an old version then move towards Google Play Store and update the application from there.

Updating Phone

A person must know that the device has the latest version of the application to free the device from malware. Updating an application of Facebook increases the efficiency of the device and you just need to move towards the settings in the device. Select the system option and tap on the system update. This will let you know whether you are using an updated version or not.

Clearing Cache

As the user is encouraged to clear the cache data from time to time to enhance efficiency and decrease malfunctioning. You just need to open up the settings and move towards apps and notifications. Select the manage apps option and move down until you see the Facebook application in the list. Select storage and catch and then finally select clear cache data.

Reinstalling Facebook application

If the Facebook application is not loading properly and you have done clearing the cache data then you must move towards reinstalling the Facebook application from the app store. Search the Facebook application on the Google Play Store and tap on it to install it. Wait for some time until it is completely downloaded and start installing on the device.

Why has Facebook stopped working on my phone?

Most of the Android users face the problem of cached data in a way that their Facebook stops working. The problem can be solved by clearing the cache data present in the device. Move towards the app’s management of your settings.

Clear cache data of the app and because of this, the freezing state of your Facebook becomes over this action. It is encouraged to clear the Facebook cache regularly so that a person may not face any problem.

What is wrong with Facebook not loading?

If a person is facing a problem with Facebook that it is not loading in the browser then it might be a temporary issue. This issue might be due to a cache data issue and you can wipe it out by clearing the cache data or temporary data present in the device. A person can clear cache or temporary data from browser settings or move towards a preference to perform this action.


Besides all the tricks that are mentioned above, if a person is facing a problem with the Facebook notification then the best solution is to reset application preferences. This will re-enable all the disabled application and background restrictions along with the permissions. It will fix all the Facebook problems and restore default applications.


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