How To Fix The App Not Installed Error On Android Easily In 2021 By Following Simple Steps


If a person is having an error app not installed in android again and again when he tries to install an app then he will get irritated and try to find the solution to this problem. Some people get irritated at the first attempt and stop trying again and again. In this article, we have discussed some easy and simple methods that any person can follow to remove an error app not installed in Android.

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Some reliable and easy methods are readily available to fix this error. This article also proves to be helpful for users who don’t have any information about troubleshooting on an Android device. They just have to follow the steps given below and the error will be removed automatically. Let’s have a look at the simple and reliable methods to remove the error app not installed in Android devices.

Fix error App not installed in android

A person can easily follow the given methods to remove an error app not installed on Android devices:

Make enough space in the device

The first thing that we have to make sure of is that we must have a space so that apps can easily download and install. If there is no space in the device then we are not able to download that app. We can move to the storage area to check, if it is full then we have to make space by deleting some data from devices that we do not need anymore.

Update the android

The second method that we can follow to remove the error app not installed in Android is that we can update Android. Sometimes the expired version of a device is the reason behind the app not installed error. We can move to the settings and check for the updates, if there is the latest update available then we must have to avail of this.

Turn off google play protect

A person can have an app not installed error because google play may avoid the installation of the app due to any type of malicious activity in it. If you still want to install it then we can follow the given steps:

  • On an android device, open the google play store and tap on the profile icon appearing at the right corner.
  • Now search for the option ‘ Play protect’ and select it. Here you will see an option that allows us to turn off the google play protection.

Why is it showing Apps not installed?

Many people are facing problems while installing an app, they have to face an app error not installed in Android. This can be because of given reasons::

  • Due to a storage problem.
  • The app may not be compatible.
  • Apps may contain viruses.
  • That may be an unsigned app.

Why can’t I install an APK on my phone?

Some people also complain that they can’t install APK on their mobile phones. We can install APK on our mobile phone by doing a clean install rather than updating it. We must make sure that we have enough storage in a device and we have enabled the option that allows installation from unknown sources. It may be due to the reason that the APK file is corrupted or incomplete. So make sure the file is complete or is fully secure.


A lot of people are just fed up with the error app not installed in Android whenever they try to install an app. They just get irritated and annoyed. If you are having the same problem then you don’t need to panic, we are here to solve your problems.

In the above article, we have discussed some simple and reliable ways that help users to remove the error app not installed in Android. The steps are very simple and easy that any person can follow even if they don’t have any troubleshooting information or not.


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