How To Fix Your Android Phone Or Tablet’s Broken Screen In Simple And Quick Steps


If a person finds his Android device’s screen is broken then this could be stressful for a person because it can be expensive. A person can save money just by using the techniques available in the market that are called ‘Do-it yourself’.

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These techniques can be helpful because a person can save himself from visiting a repair shop.

It could be a piece of good luck for a person if only the screen protector is damaged while the real screen is saved as the screen protector is much more inexpensive than the real screen of an Android device.  A person may need a mobile opener, small tweezers, a screwdriver, and a kit.

The techniques that are used to repair the broken Android screen are given below:


Unsmearing the smudges is an important step to be taken by the person. The following steps are needed to follow during the smearing of the smudges:

  • Clean the screen with isopropyl alcohol and dry it with a clean cloth. Rap your finger with the plastic and rub it on the screen to equally apply the liquid on the screen quickly. A person must apply 10 drops of coating for a small screen and 15 drops if the screen is big. 
  • First, dry the screen and leave it to dry the coating. Try not to touch the screen for a minimum of 12 hours because the coating needs time to be bound to the surface. When the bonding time is completed then remove the dust and waste using a clean cloth. Repeat the process to increase the coating’s durability.

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Toothpaste technique

People also believed that toothpaste can be effective in removing the scratches and cracks of the broken screen. It is a temporary solution to this problem rather a device which is handled for a long time can’t be fixed through this way.


It’s a glue tool that is used to fix the broken screen of an android device. If a person wants to repair the screen using sugru then the following steps are needed to follow:

  • Clean the screen with a towel and be careful about the loose glass. Use adhesive tape around the patched part and it is encouraged to turn on the screen during this process. Mark the area where you don’t want sugru.
  • Apply it on the screen where the cracks are present, first apply the thin layer and then increase the quantity if needed.


Most people don’t know how to replace a broken screen with a new screen of Android mobiles. The following steps are involved in the replacement of the broken screen:

  • Attach a tape that has two-sided adhesiveness to the area of the bezel which has lost its adhesiveness. Try to use the actual sickness of the bezel if it existed. A person needs to be careful that the visual area won’t be covered.
  • Try to find foam padding to protect the glass from fingerprints, as a person can’t get rid of prints if they remain on the inner side of the screen. Remount the fresh digitizer cable with the old one and press it to its actual place. Remove the dust if present at the LCD of the screen.
  • At last, reattach the parts if needed and reassemble the frame and other parts in their correct order.

This article contains all the information regarding how to fix the broken screen of Android devices. If you have more questions related to this topic then follow our website to clear all of your queries related to this topic.


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