How To Get A Keylogger On Your Android Device Easily


An Android keylogger is an app that captures keystrokes and keeps a log of them. In other words, we can explain it as an app that can make a record of all the inputs you have entered into your Android device from your Android keyboard. Most Android users do not know much about the keyloggers, how to get or how to install them but believe me they are very useful. 

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Which is the best keylogger for android?

Many keyloggers are available but “Snoopza ” is considered best among them as it captures keystrokes in a more comprehensive way than other keyloggers.

By using Snoopza you can easily check your children, staff members, or any other mobile phone records. It enables you to get access to calls, messages, pictures, or even activities on Facebook or any other social media app. Any keystroke pressed is captured which is accessible by file log. 

It is very easy to install and use Snapchat on your Android device because it does not require any special type of knowledge or skills. It provides a very friendly user interface that makes it easy to handle. The only difficulty which you may face while installing is that when a prompt will appear on the screen asking about permission then you have to allow it to work on your Android device. 

How to get a keylogger on your android device?

To get any keylogger on your Android device you mostly need to access the device physically for installation. You can also install a keylogger on any other person’s device without knowing him or her. Follow the given steps to get the snooze keylogger on your android device:

  • Before installing the app it is recommended to disable play protect on your android device so you don’t get an alert notification. To do it go to the google play store and from the menu, open play protect, then settings and disable scan apps with the play protect option.
  • Go to the official website of the app you have selected to be your keylogger and then you have to create your account on it. Mostly it is free to sign up on these types of Websites. Enter your email and password to sign up and then hit the button “create an account”. At that time you may need to check the box confirming that you agree with the terms of services and privacy policy of the Website.
  • After signing up in your account you will get the option to get the keylogger app on your android phone. On the website, you will get instructions about how to install or set up all the logs.
  • After selecting the download option you will get notified that it can harm your device, hit the ok button and downloading will start. After completion, open it and tap on install and you will get an installer on your device.
  • Open the Sync manager and tap on net then select the option for which you are using the software. After accepting the legal terms , grant the permissions and activate accessibility services, access to usage and overlay permission. You can also disable app notifications and battery optimization from here and tap next.
  • In the last log into your account and tap on the activate button. Allow all the activities to be monitored and grant the relative access.then add the pin password and finish the installation.
  • You will also be able to copy the link to install the app on any other device, you just have to share the link and open it through another device.
  • At the bottom of the website you will find an option to view the logs in the app or in the browser.

Can keyloggers be detected?

Yes, keyloggers can be detected but the detection process may vary according to the type of keylogger installed on your Android device. Keyloggers can be installed on your device without your permission through an infected thing or by directly accessing your android device. 

Can you remove the keylogger?

Yes, you can detect any keylogger from an android device by using an anti-keylogger in combination with an anti-rootkit software in or application. anti-keylogger software is designed to find the keyloggers but it does not completely remove them from your device so an anti-rootkit is needed to do it. 


Keyloggers are needed to track and make a record of each and everything present on your device. Snoopza is one of the best keyloggers for androids, it working is very simple, you just have to make your own account on snoop’s official website and then you will be able to download and install any Android keylogger free which you want to maintain all the records.

When the app is installed on your Android device it will work hiddenly in the background. But you can check all of the data that has been recorded by it. To check this go to Snoopza’s official website and log in to your account.


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