How To Get A Print Of Your Important SMS Conversations From Your Android Phone


On Android phones, no inbuilt print function is present by default in the messaging app. There are a lot of reasons due to which SMS texts are printed. Police case SMS are printed to show in court as proof, they can also be used while discussing a project or in debates.

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Most people get printouts of the SMS chats when the conversation is with an important person and they want to permanently save them. You can save the conversation on cloud storage but it will take a lot of space. 

How do I print SMS screenshots from Android?

The easiest method to get print of your SMS is by using the screenshot approach. You can print screenshots directly from your Android phone. Google cloud print setup is present in it.  Follow the given steps to get print of your SMs chat by taking screenshots:

  • Go to the SMS chat you want to print it and take a screenshot by pressing the lower volume button and the power button at the same time or by using a direct screenshot option from your Android phone. You have to take many screenshots if the conversation is long. 
  • After taking all the screenshots select them and then tap on the share icon present at the bottom of the screen. From the sharing options find a cloud printer that is already set up on your Android device and then tap on it. Then you will be able to send the conversation screenshots to the printer.
  • If you don’t have set up any cloud printer on your Android then after selecting the screenshots send them through email which you can open on your computer which has access to a printer. You can also send screenshots to the computer using other storage services like one drive or Google drive. After receiving you can print out the screenshots by using your computer by adding the print command. 

Is there an app to print text messages?

Yes, there are many applications present on the google play store that can print your SMS messages by using an android device. By using this application you don’t need to rewrite SMS by hand so you can save a lot of your time.

It is the first application that also supports the feature that can also help you to import MMS so we can say that the SMS EasyReader&Printer application is the first SMS and MMS management app for smartphones in the world.

This application helps you in managing printing and sharing SMS and all types of MMS including PNG GIF  and JPG files from one place to another in a short time. By using this app you can also clear Palm messages or generate chat conversations or SMS in your inbox quickly. SMS EasyReader&Printer print your SMS without any fee and without violating your privacy

To paint your SMS or MMS firstly you have to connect your Android phone to your computer by using the SMS EasyReader&Printer application. Besides Android smartphones, you can also get this application on your iPhone and Windows phone. You can also classify delete read search sort and save SMS along with printing. 


Some SMS conversations are very important for us; they may belong to our friends or enemies. There are a lot of reasons due to which SMS conversations are printed out, there are different ways to get print of your SMS. You can take screenshots of your SMS and then these screenshots are easily printed out or you can use a third-party app as it is mentioned in the above article.


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