How To Hack Wifi Password Without Any App


Today we are discussing how to hack Wi-Fi passwords without using any app. Here you get the information about the topic. Keep reading this article and keep updated with us.

This article is very informative for those who want to hack the Wi-Fi password. Before hacking you must know about how to hack the Wi-Fi password. 

For this Wi-Fi devices have their own ip address and SSIDs. You must check the ip address and SSID to change the current password. 

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There are multiple methods to hack the Wi-Fi passwords. Using Apps, command prompt and numerous softwares that will help you to solve this issue. 

If you are at an unknown place where you would not know about the password. Or around multiple Wi-Fi devices. Just read this article to crack the password and use it. 

You can also install the Wi-Fi Map in your mobile devices which is very helpful for you to proceed with this method. 

Hack Wi-Fi Password Using Windows and macOS

On windows just click on the window icon on the bottom left side open command prompt incase you forget your wifi device password. 

Just type “cmd” on search box and open command prompt and right click on “Run as Administrator”

After that, you see the black screen which is basically the interface of the command prompt. Type “netsh WLAN on the black screen and click on enter button from the keyboard”. After a few seconds, you see the Wi-Fi settings profile. From where you can change the password easily.

After viewing the section of User Profiles, you can see the different networks that include WLAN’s and others. Select your network area and open this.

This is just like the method to know the password of Facebook or other signup websites. Just right click on the screen and click on “Inspect elements’ ‘. 

Click on view password and network id, Now you can see your last password on the screen. Copy it and enjoy the Wi-Fi. 

You can also change your password and type a new password and click on the Save button. After that restart your modem device and re-enter the new password.

If you are using the MAC operating system, open the Spotlight and search cmd + space and just type terminal to get access to the command prompt. 

After seeing the command prompt screen type “security find-generic-password -wa XXXXX”.

Just as simple as you can change the password using windows. This method is very simple to hack the Wi-Fi password.

Reset The Wi-Fi Router

This is another method to crack the password, if you cannot understand the above procedure, you can go for this.

Just look at the back side of your Wi-Fi device. You can see the small button and see the reset button. Press the reset button.

But after resetting the device, you can update your password and check the SSID and network id. Go to the website of your network provider and log in to the profile. Click on the network name and change your password.

Crack the Wi-Fi Code

This is the method from where you crack the code. This is a difficult method only easy for those who know the programming skills. 

If you are a beginner you must know about programming skills. Some use Kali Linux. This operating system is just for this type of work, having a specific motivation. This is a method of “penetration testing”.

You can also install kali Linus using CD or USB Drive.

It’s free and accompanies every one of the instruments you’d need to break an organization. It even has an application for Windows 10 in the Windows App Store. 

In the event that you would prefer not to introduce an entire OS, attempt the dependable instruments of Wi-Fi programmers.


Aircrack has been around for quite a long time, returning to when Wi-Fi security was just founded on WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). 

WEP was feeble even some time ago; it was replaced in 2004 by WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Aircrack is marked as a “set-up of apparatuses to survey Wi-Fi network security,” so it ought to be essential for any organization administrator’s tool stash. 

It will take on breaking WEP and WPA-PSK keys. It accompanies full documentation and is free, however it’s not straightforward. 

To break an organization, you need to have the correct sort of Wi-Fi connector in your PC, one that backs parcel infusion. You should be OK with the order line and have a great deal of tolerance. 

Your Wi-Fi connector and Aircrack need to assemble a great deal of information to go anywhere near unscrambling the passkey of the organization you’re focusing on. It could take some time. 

Here’s a how-to on doing it utilizing Aircrack introduced on Kali Linux and another on the most proficient method to utilize Aircrack to get your organization. Another comparative alternative on the PC utilizing the order line is Armageddon.

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