How To Hide The Participant’s Names In A Zoom App During Zoom Meeting


Covid-19 had just turned the lives towards the online applications for the working as well as studies. During the time of the pandemic, a person needs to work as well as study different applications including the zoom meeting application. There are different beneficial features available on zoom meeting applications that enhance their popularity in the users. 

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Zoom meeting applications always work for the security and privacy of the user during the complete meeting. Whenever a person enters the meeting you can watch the participants from the column which is given below. Different people have different security concerns and don’t want that the Participant’s name appears on the screen. 

The information about the participants is beneficial if the participants don’t know each other personally. If there is a scenario where you want to post a video or a picture of the participants of a meeting and you don’t know how the participants react when they see the picture of their name in the meeting then hiding the name is the most secure option. 

How do I hide my Zoom participant’s names?

Whenever a person is trying to upload a picture from a zoom meeting application to any other social media site then it is encouraged to hide the names of the participants. Hiding the names of the participants from the thumbnail creates secure uploading for a user as well as for the participants. 

It might be possible that you don’t want others to recognize them or you don’t want others to know any one of your private circle. The steps that are involved in hiding participant’s name from the zoom meeting application are given below:

  • Tap on the zoom meeting application present in your device and then move towards a cogwheel icon which would be present at the upper part of the screen. From the given options select the ‘Video Setting’ and move down to see further options in it. 
  • If a person is using a desktop client then you can easily disable this function at any time and can see the results at present. If you are an Android user then you must need to enable or disable this feature before you join your meeting. 
  • This happens because if you are an Android user you can only have the option of removing the Participant’s name at the time when they enter the meeting. If a person is already present in the meeting before you then you cannot change the Participant’s name at that point on an Android device.
  • It is encouraged to use a zoom meeting application on a computer rather than using it on any Android device. For Android users just enabling the feature would not be enough rather this can create hurdles anytime in the meeting. 
  • A person can see 4 participants at a time on an Android device but using a computer a person can watch almost 49 participants at a time.

Can you see the participant’s names in Zoom?

If a person wants to see the participants in a particular zoom meeting then select the second column where the participant’s option is present. In this way, the zoom will let you know every participant’s name present in the zoom meeting. You can also watch their entry and leave timing on the Zoom meeting app. 

Can participants be anonymous on Zoom?

Yes, a person can be anonymous on a zoom meeting application. Whenever a person joins a meeting there is always an option known as join meeting on the front part of the screen. Below this option, you can see a box with your name in it. A person can change the name to maintain anonymity in the meeting. You just need to tap on the box and you can type any name of your desire in the box for your anonymity.

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After reading this article a person can answer the question of how to secure the anonymity of a zoom meeting. A person also learns to become anonymous and take a secure picture of a zoom meeting application without revealing the names of the participants. 

Because of this option, a person can have a clear image zoom meeting application and it can also enjoy adding stickers in the picture using another application in the device. A complete process along with sequential guidelines is being explained in this article to hence the knowledge of the reader.


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