How To Improve The Speed Of Google Chrome


Google chrome is a secure, fast web browser created by Google. At the initial time of its launching, it was considered as the top browser because of its fastest browsing speed. It is easy to use, anyone can browse through chrome. It provides multi-tasks options to its users and acts as a one-stop solution for all the browser needs. 

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Google chrome is taking a significant figure of web browsing global market as it is covering almost 67% of the market. Due to connection with the Google, chrome provides their users to access many sub-applications of Google.

Reasons for slowing down

A lot of people are using Google Chrome for web browsing so there is a possibility of slowing down the services of the browser which can be an irritating moment to the user. In the latest version of google chrome, a lot of modifications are done one of them is the addition of ads which is become a reason for slowing down the web browser. 

A lot of third-party widgets and software are present they are secure but they are in large amounts and the crowd has become a reason behind the slowing the browsing speed. sometimes It takes more time to load a web page as compared to what usually it takes but you can improve the browsing speed easily by following some simple steps.

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Ways to increase the speed of browsing

Follow the given steps to speed up your Google Chrome web browser

  1. Removing or deleting extensions: Google chrome provides downloadable extensions to their users. These extensions provide a modified browser experience. They use your caches and consume space and your internet also as they are software. So they also become a cause of slowing down the browsing speed. The more extensions you have downloaded the more are the chances of slowing down the speed. To avoid this remove the undesirable extensions. To check the available downloaded extensions of your web browser type” extension” in the address bar. 
  2. Managing tabs: if multiple tabs are open at the same time, they will use your resources and slow down your browser’s speed. The more tabs open become more the risk to slow down the browser. To overcome this problem one can download any tab management extension like “Tab Snooze”. These extensions will keep only the important tabs open and all the undesirable tabs will be removed or stop temporarily and it will speed up your browsing experience.
  3. Blocking scripts: some advertisements and pop-ups appear while browsing, these scripts used some amount of your data and can be become a cause of slowing down Google chrome. You can block these scripts by downloading extensions like “uBlock Origin” it will block all the scripts that are not necessary and will indirectly speed up Your Google chrome.
  4. Clean up your computer: Google chrome provides you the option to clean your computer from any malware. Follow the following steps to use this feature
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  • Go to the setting tab
  • Select advanced option
  • Scroll down and click on the option available to clean the computer.

It will take some time to scan your computer and if any malware is detected then your browser will remove it also.

  1. Light mode feature:  Android users have a feature known as “Light mode”. This feature speeds up Chrome by running the web page to a specifically selected server. This feature does not affect your experience it just speeds up the browsing. You can enable this feature from the Settings of the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Pre-loading web pages: Google chrome provides you a feature pre-loading in which the chrome will pre-load the page you usually open a lot. You can enable this feature by following the given steps:
  • Go to the setting tab 
  • select advance option 
  • Enable the ” preload” pages for faster browsing” from the ” privacy and security” tab.

These steps will surely improve your browser speed and make your browsing experience more better and satisfying. If you found this article helpful then like our website and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page for more interesting and helpful articles.


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