How To Increase The Speed Of Internet By Following Simple Steps


In this fast world, every person wants to be more advanced and developed than before. For this reason, they have to do a lot of work. They find many new options and ways to make their work more efficient.

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As the World is developing day by day, every work started associated with the internet. We can do every work by using the internet. The Internet has brought a great revolution in this universe.

When everything is increasing then why not increase internet speed. We have a solution to this problem too. There are a lot of ways that help us to boost up our internet connection so that we can work more efficiently than before. In this article, a person has a lot of options to boost up his internet connection.

increase Internet speed:

If a  user wants to increase internet speed, then this article will prove to be very helpful for him. There are a lot of ways that a person can follow to increase internet speed: 

  • By rebooting router:  The most simple and effective way to increase internet speed is rebooting the router. Rebooting the router helps the internet to run at a very high speed and the computer will also run fast and efficiently just by rebooting the router.
  • By Using Ethernet: Using Wifi is convenient but it does not provide the facility of high speed. Hence users are advised to use ethernet instead of Wifi. It enhances the performance of the computer as well as the speed of the computer.
  • By updating the computer: The other efficient and reliable way to increase internet speed is updating the computer. Updating computers has positive effects on the speed of the internet. Updating the computer not only increases internet speed but also increases the performance of the computer.
  • By using various VPNs: If a person uses a VPN, then he can notice then there is a lot of difference in the speed of the internet with or without using a VPN. Hence it is advised to use different VPNs to increase internet speed.
  • By changing DNS server settings:  Another way of increasing the speed of the internet is changing the DNS server settings. It is worth typing although it requires some experimentation.

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Managing Wifi channels to boost internet Speed : 

The device often gets the defaulted channel. That channel is sometimes being used by many routers. This results in a slow speed of internet connection. Some steps help us to manage Wifi channels to increase internet speed: 

  • Sign in to the router admin panel.
  • Tap on ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wireless Settings’.
  • Search for ‘Channel’ down the Wireless setting. Put the different channel numbers.
  • Confirm the speed of the internet by using an internet connection

Increasing internet speed at the house:

Some steps help us to increase internet speed at home:

  • By decreasing distance between router and computer:  If a person finds that his internet speed is slower than usual then he has to decrease the distance between the router and computer. Doing this will affect the speed of the internet a lot.
  • By minimizing the devices: We can also speed up our internet connection by minimizing the devices connected to the internet. Fewer devices on the internet mean fast internet connection.
  • By upgrading router: Upgrading the router is the most simple and efficient way to increase internet speed. But if our router becomes very old then there must be a need for a new router. Doing this will also increase internet speed.

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