How To Install Drivers In A Computer Without An Internet Connection


The driver is the most important part of the computer for the fluent functioning of the system. If the system is lacking an audio driver then a person cannot enjoy audio or without a video driver, the display of the video would be distortive. Without a network, the driver device cannot connect to the internet and in this way, a person is needed to have all the essential drivers for smooth processing.

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If a person is using the internet then it becomes very easy for him to install and update a network driver. Most of us are rendered in a condition in which we won’t find any internet connectivity on the device and we think of how to update drivers without internet. The given article will help you to know how to update drivers without the internet.

How can a driver be installed without the internet?

The easiest way to install a driver without an internet connection is by having an internet connection on another device and then connecting the device with your device. When one device downloads the driver in it a person can transfer it using a USB drive or hard drive. The process involved the following steps:

  • First collect all the information related to the device like the manufacturer, model number, and operating system. All the information related to model number, name, and origin must be correct, wrong information may become the cause of the loss of the driver.
  • When all the information related to the personal computer having an internet connection is gathered by you then open up the website of the manufacturer to search the driver. If a person is using a branded computer then it is encouraged to move towards the manufacturer’s website for the accurate driver.
  • Download the driver and save it on the personal computer now transfer the file to the hard drive or USB. Insert the USB drive into the device without an internet connection and now copy the whole setup of the driver. When the complete setup is being transferred, first install the setup on the computer.
  • At last restart, the personal computer and now a person can enjoy the updated network drivers without needing any help from the internet.

How to install drivers with a third-party application?

If a person wants to install drivers without internet and USB then third-party applications will help in this situation. Driver Talent is a tool that works without any internet connection and helps to update and install drivers. The following steps are needed to follow to work on this application:

  • Turn on the PC that has an internet connection and install driver talent for the network card and then save the complete setup of this application on the computer. Connect the USB drive to the computer with an active internet connection and transfer the complete setup of the application into the USB. 
  • Now connect the same USB with the computer without an internet connection and copy the complete setup in it. Install the application on the computer without an internet connection and it will automatically install the required driver in the device. 
  • At last restart, the Computer and now a person can enjoy all the required network drivers.

Can drivers be installed if you don’t use CDs?

Installing drivers without CDs is a simple process; you just need to download the Wi-Fi driver to a USB if you don’t have an internet connection. When you successfully download the Wi-Fi driver to a USB, move towards the manufacturer’s website, and in this way you can download the latest version of the desired drivers.

How do I update Windows 7 without Wi-Fi?

A person can download Windows 7 service pack 1 and install it easily. First, you have to download the post sp1 updates offline. iOS updates are also available. The next important thing is that a computer must not have Windows 7 already present in it or running in it.


This article contains all the information regarding how to update drivers without an internet connection. It contains all the answers to the questions related to how to update drivers without the internet. If a person wants to enhance the performance of your drivers then it is encouraged to update drivers whenever the latest update is launched in the market.


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