How To Install The Latest Version Of Smartphone Flash Tool Step By Step


People perform rooting of different Android phones as a common practice in this era. This thing is mainly performed by the ones that want to have extra control over their device and all the features possessed by that device. It is important to know that rooting will destroy the warranty of your device and it creates a lot of trouble for the user as well. 

Install The Latest Version,Smartphone,Latest Version Of Smartphone,Flash Tool

The device faces a lot of security problems due to the rooting of the smartphone. If a person has faced trouble due to the rooting of their smartphone then there will be two possible solutions to this problem.

The first one is the well-known and expensive one which is visiting the nearest service station. The second option may be longer and harder but save money as a person needs to flash the essential files present in the device on its own.

Different tools are available in the market for flashing essential files but the most well-known and effective is the ‘SP Flash tool’. If you don’t know anything about the SP Flash tool and its working then you will be able to answer all the questions related to this topic after reading this article.

Smart Phone Flash Tool

SP Flash tool is an application that a person can install on a laptop or computer for the flash stock of ROM. SP Flash tool also works for the custom recovery, erase/recover ROM along with that it can unbrick the device if it is bricked. The devices running with MediaTek processors have a benefit because SP Flash tools are specially designed for them. 

Install The Latest Version,Smartphone,Latest Version Of Smartphone,Flash Tool

Experts suggest that the devices without MediaTek processes should not use the SP Flash tool. With the recent advancement, the SP Flash tool also supports Windows and Linux hence Mac users can also avail benefits of this application.

Process of installation and downloading

If a person wants to install an SP Flash tool in the device then he needs to have a laptop or computer with Windows or Linux. A person needs to have a perfectly working USB data cable connected to the device and the latest MediaTek drivers should be installed in the device. A complete backup of the device is needed with 2 files. One File would be the scatter file and the other would be the file that is going to flash in the process.

The steps that are involved in the installation of the SP Flash tool in the laptop or computer are given below:

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  • A person needs to download and unzip the SP Flash tool from the download folder. At first click on the ‘.exe’ file to start the process after that, the system will ask to load the scatter file. Different options will appear on the screen; the user must uncheck all the options present on the screen.
  • A recovery box will be present on the screen, click on it and load the recovery image by keeping in mind the device model. It would be visible on the screen that the recovery box is checked and the recovery image is loaded then uncheck all the remaining options.
  • Turn off the smartphone and after that use a USB data cable connected to a laptop or PC. Select the ‘Download’ option which would be at the top of the screen. A person may be asked to confirm this action then click on the ‘Yes’ option to confirm this process. 

Now the process of flashing the essential files would be completed and the user will be notified by a green circle which will appear on the screen.


The people who are thinking of installing the SP Flash Tool will guide assistance from the above-mentioned steps. SP Flash tool would provide its maximum results for Windows and Linux users while others are not encouraged to install this application as the system won’t support it.


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