How To Invite Someone To A Zoom Meeting From Your Window, Mac, Android, Or iPhone – Tutorial


You will find many applications on Google play store and Apple store that enable you to do video conferencing or video calling too many people at the same time. On Microsoft team applications you are bound to conduct a meeting with a small group of people and they must be part of the same organization but On Zoom you can invite anyone in the meeting through the link.

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Zoom is one of them But zoom provides a lot of features that enforces users to select it over other applications. These features include a friendly system, good video quality, and clear sound quality. In this pandemic time Zoom is the best choice to study from home or work from home where you don’t have to pay and you just need a stable internet connection. 

Zoom provides an excellent meeting facility to its users. It could be a business meeting or a meeting between students and a teacher. You can also use this application to talk with your friends and family.  To use Zoom you have to create your account and then you will be able to conduct a meeting. 

Anyone can start a meeting and then he or she sends an invitation to others so they can join the meeting. Zoom enables its users to schedule a meeting, it can be scheduled in advance for days, weeks, and even for months. If you are doing recurring meetings then the meeting room will be available until the need is fulfilled. 

How do you send a zoom invite -tutorial?

Zoom enables you to invite others before the starting of a meeting or even after the meeting is in progress. Follow the given steps to invite someone when the meeting is already going on :

  • To invite on your Windows or Mac computers Click the “Participants” button present at the bottom bar of your computer screen. A menu will appear on the screen select the option of “Invite”. You will be able to copy the invitation information and then paste it to share it. You can send this invitation by using email or WhatsApp or any other social app.
  • To invite on your android or iPhone Tap the participant’s option is present at the bottom of the screen. Another screen will open select the button of Invite present at the bottom left corner of the screen. Now you will be able to select the sharing method or you can copy the link of the invitation.

Can you send a zoom invitation in advance?

Yes, you can send a zoom invitation in advance when you are planning a scheduled meeting. Follow the given steps to invite someone to a scheduled  meeting when it is not started yet :

  • To invite someone to a scheduled meeting from your web UI Go to Zoom and on the left side from the column select the “Meeting” option. Click on “Upcoming” and then click the meeting from the upcoming tab whose invitation you want to send. Now you will be able to copy the invitation and send it to others.
  • To invite someone to a scheduled meeting from your Android or iPhone, open the zoom app and go to the meetings tab. Select the meeting and then the “Add invites” option. Then you can select the method of sharing the invitation.


Zoom is used by a lot of users worldwide to conduct zoom meetings. You can invite other participants by sharing the link of the meeting and they just have to click on it and add a password if you have set it.

You can invite others by using your mobile phone or your computer as the procedure is mentioned above. You can invite when the meeting is in progress or if you have scheduled a meeting then you can send the invitation in advance before starting the meeting.


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