How To Know If Someone Just Blocked A Person On Facebook Or Not


Facebook does not provide any information related to how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook as it is considered as the security policy of Facebook. But because of living in the 21st century, a person can get to know the answer how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook because of the different features available by science and technology. 

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Nobody is concerned about why and how the other person has blocked us but the only thing they are concerned about is how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook. Different tricks are present on the internet which make you aware of whether you are blocked or not.

How to know if you are blocked on Facebook?

If you want to know whether a person blocked you on Facebook then you must be aware of the fact that there are some hints present on Facebook. The signs will help you to distinguish whether the other person has blocked you or not. 

Absence from the Friend list is the main sign that the other person has blocked you. If you are concerned about how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook then the other person must be absent from your friend list.

If someone is not present on the friend list then it means the other person doesn’t want to talk to you but is still present on Facebook. If you again want to start the conversation then send the friend request.

Inability to Tag that person is another hint of being blocked by that person. Posting, tagging, and commenting are a source of connection on Facebook. If you become unable to contact other people and cannot tag, then it’s a sure sign that another person might have moved towards blocking you.

Disappearance from Facebook indicates that you are unable to witness the pictures, stories, and posts of the other person. It is the high degree of chances that the person has blocked you from Facebook. A person needs to remain calm in the situation and should ask the person about the problem.

Can I watch someone who has blocked me on Facebook?

If a person wants to know whether he can see the other person who has blocked the person on Facebook then the answer to this question is not. The person has blocked you or in other words, just broke the friendship with you then his name will never be shown up on the search list of your account. Just type the person’s name in the search bar and then enter if you cannot find the person on Facebook then this is a confirmation sign that a person has blocked you.

What happens when someone blocks you on Facebook?

The ultimate result of blocking someone is that the other person will directly become invisible to you. Any site or application related to Facebook will not allow you to watch the other person’s activity. A person may not be able to see a profile picture along with a complete profile. A person cannot send a friend request or message or comment to the person who has blocked him.


There is not any clear indication to know if someone blocked you on Facebook or not. The above mentioned hints will help you to make a guess. If all the above-mentioned hints are present between you and another person then it is a confirmed indication that the person has blocked you on Facebook. Each hint is dependent on the other so it is encouraged not to skip any one of them.


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