How To know The iPhone Is Unlocked Or Not By Using Different Tricks


In this article, we are going to discuss how we can check the unlocked iPhone. The specialty of checking the lock is only provided by the iPhone company. Android and other smartphones do not allow this action. The iPhone has become the most important part of luxurious life. So day by day the demand for new quality iPhone increases.

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The iPhone has so many qualities including faster face ID, more colorful screen, better battery timing, camera enhancement, and bigger screen size. 

A new feature is introduced that’s called “unlocking iPhone”. Once you unlock your iPhone, you can use any type of sim card and it means you can use your iPhone with different carriers. It is very beneficial because after unlocking you can use this as a wireless service so that you can communicate to your loved ones from abroad with fewer charges.

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Checking from the settings menu

The simplest and easiest way to check the Unlock iPhone is from the setting menu. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the setting option of your iPhone.
  • Click on the “cellular data” option.
  • A new screen will appear.
iPhone,Unlocked, iphone unlocked check,Different Tricks,How To,iPhone Unlocked
  • Now select the option named “Mobile data network”.
  • If you see the option of “unlocked” your phone is already unlocked.
  • If it doesn’t appear your phone is probably locked.

How can the unlocked iPhone be checked through a sim card?

If you want to travel abroad, you must exchange your sim card with a local sim card. It will become more effective.  And give the easy way to stay connected with our family.

Here we go to learn how to unlock your phone through a sim card.

  • First of all, you have to switch off your iPhone.
  • Remove the sim card with the help of an ejector. 
  • Sim card socket located at the side of the iPhone.
iPhone,Unlocked, iphone unlocked check,Different Tricks,How To,iPhone Unlocked
  • Now insert your new local sim card.
  • After inserting, softly push the socket inside the phone.
  • Power on your iPhone.
  • Do a call to check the unlocking of the phone. 
  • If it works, then good but if it does not, try to connect with the carrier or you can also use a third-party service.

Using an IMEI device to unlock iPhone

IMEI is a number(Device)r in your phone which gives you all the information about your phone and device. This code can be scanned by many services and through different websites.

There are some basic steps to unlock your phone by using an IMEI device:

  • Choose your favorite service. Most of them are paid ( free services are not good and also not trustable)
  • IMEI is one of the most reliable and fast services. 
  • Take your iPhone and select the “Setting” option.
  • Select the “About” option.
  • IMEI will appear in the primary section.
iPhone,Unlocked, iphone unlocked check,Different Tricks,How To,iPhone Unlocked
  • Now add your IMEI device number.
  • Click ok and then confirm the number.
  • Now users can see all the information about your phone.
  • You will be able to know about this carrier’s locking and unlocking and so many other features

I hope you will find this article helpful. Follow our website for further informative articles.


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