How To learn English step By Step


We are living in a society where the people who speak English are superpowers. The language of the people of superpower makes English automatically a superpower language among all the others. It is considered as an international language and if you want to keep your pace with the other world then you need to learn this language. 

People always ask how to learn English without going outside or taking any help. Experts always suggest some common steps and tricks follow. Some of the tips that will enhance English speaking in a very short period are discussed below.

What are the basic steps to learn English?

The people who speak English fluently after learning always spend a lot of time reading, writing, listening, and talking in English. Studying is not too sufficient as all the other steps including listening, reading, writing, and talking are required. There are some steps by following which you can learn English fluently.

  • A person must understand that English is not a boring subject nor is it a complex thing to speak up. English is fun. You should try watching TV shows, videos, and films in English to learn new vocabulary words. A person must start thinking in English, start deciding what food to order, etc. 
  • A person must start a conversation on social media in English and try to watch some podcasts. You must gather some friends who are willing to learn English and start talking with them in English about daily routines.
  • A person must know the basic grammatical rules and the idea of the structure of English sentences. Try to find some new words from the dictionary or learn grammar online for fluency. A person must use English phrases in daily routines to work on the deep meaning of the English language. Devices like smartphones and computers must be in English then this would also help to enhance English for beginners.
  • The most important step of learning English is to first listen to the words then try to speak them. You can also write down sentences after reading them in books. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing is the main steps to become fluent in English in a short time.

How can I learn English by myself?

If you want to learn English by yourself then there are certain specific steps to follow. Always try to work on the grammar and memorization of the basic words of daily life. A person can also write small paragraphs to large blogs to develop writing skills and explaining power. It is also encouraged to change the settings of the device from native language to English. Last but not least, reading is the best way to improve English without taking help from anyone else.

How can I learn English at home fast?

If you want to learn English at home then there are some tips to follow. Listening is the best way of learning English at home as listening to conversations in English would be very effective to enhance the speaking skills along with the vocabulary. A person is also encouraged to speak with them in English. A person must read English comic books and children’s books or take advantage of social media. You must have faith in yourself to learn English and speak it confidently.

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There are different ways to learn English at home or any place but you just know the correct process. You are encouraged to have a light conversation on daily routine stories with a friend or any other person in English. A positive attitude is the main thing required to learn English as English is not a complex thing rather it’s fun. A person must enjoy English because a language can’t be learned without entertainment and interest.


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