How To Make SEO Friendly Content To Boost Website’s Traffic By Following The Given 5 Simple Tips


When a person wants to boost up his website’s traffic then he has to do some extra work and it needs a lot of time and effort too. For this, the first thing a person can do is to optimize the content for visitors and search engines. In the past, the websites contained such content that was of very low quality and this became a cause of their failure. 

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But now if a person wants to boost up his website then he just has to make his content amazing and eye-grabbing. There is a great difference between today and the past content of websites. Content writers and search engine experts are fully aware of the type of content they have to use in their data. 

They know which content is suitable for their website and which is not. Using high-quality content not only boosts up website traffic but also Google’s algorithm. Some people think it impossible that a person can make such content that will grab others’ attention but it’s not true. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the amazing tips that any person can follow to make SEO-friendly content.

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Making SEO friendly content

We can make SEO-friendly content to boost up our website’s traffic. For this we have to follow the given tips:

Carry out Keyword Research and structure Content

The first thing that a person wants to make sure of is carrying out keyword research and structure content. We must have to consider the main parts of our post and then convert them into different parts. Our content must contain three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

We must assure that our content will be easy to read and understand. We have to choose keywords with the mind because keywords help access the targeted audience.

Revamp and upgrade content

Fresh and new content is always prioritized by search engines. So to get more customers we have to upgrade our content. A person must have to follow to given points:

  •  We must have to find out how we want the featured snippet in structure for paragraph, list, or table. 
  • Moreover, we must write a question in content and then answer that question in featured snippet style.
  • Always use figures and facts in the answer because this will increase the chances to get featured in snippets.

Revamp Meta description and images

A summary of our content is given below our title so that it simplifies what we have written in our content. This small description is known as meta description. We can also add images in our article to catch user’s attention to increase demand for the content we must have to write an upgraded form of meta description so that it grabs users’ attention and this will force them to read our content.

  • Our description must be informative and eye-grabbing. It should always describe our targeting keywords and a summary of our article.

Categorize high quality inbound and outbound links

One of the important factors of Google ranking is backlinks. 20% of the ranking of websites depends upon backlinks. The quality and value of our content are described by links in our content. High-quality links become the cause of website traffic. In short, to boost up website traffic we must have to categorize high-quality inbound and outbound links.

Upgrade the content for mobile and social sharing platforms

As we know many people prefer to use mobile gadgets so google also prefers mobile-friendly websites then regular apps. So we must upgrade our website and make it mobile-friendly. We must make social share buttons easily accessible while posting something on a website so that users can easily share our content with others. This will increase our content demand and boost up our website’s traffic.


In short, we have to consider ranking factors to create eye-grabbing content. Above are some tips that a beginner can follow to boost up website traffic weather We must have to upgrade our keywords and always add meta descriptions so that our content appears appealing to others. We must apply the skyscraper methods to increase demand for our content. 


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