How To Make The Phone Charge Faster By Following The Given Tips


When a person buys a new phone then at first the charging speed is very good but as time passes the charging speed becomes slow. Users are very worried nowadays because their charging speed isn’t enough for them and it needs a lot of time to charge the phone.

They have to use other alternatives for speeding up their charging. We know that charging speed isn’t as easy as just plugging a phone to charge. It requires a little effort and time to know how to make your phone charge faster

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A person can follow some tips to speed up phone charging. Some people think it is impossible to find the answer to the question of how to make your phone charge faster, but it is not true. In this article, we will discuss some tips that any person can follow to learn how to make your phone charge faster?

How can I speed up my phone charging?

A person’s android phone is making a problem in charging then it’s not a new thing. Some users face this problem but we don’t have to be worried. given are some tips that a person must follow to speed up his or her phone charging:

  • Always plug your phone into a wall, not your computer. When we put our phone on charging, to make charging speed fast we must have to turn off our phone.
  • When the phone is on charging never use it, and always put your phone on airplane mode while charging.

By using power bank:  

When a person has to travel then there is a chance that his phone battery may die while in the journey so at this stage the power bank works as a lifesaver. The same amperage output, like the wall socket, is offered by many power banks. 

By turning off the phone:  

If you want to speed up your phone charging then it is recommended to turn off your phone while on charging. As when the phone will be switch off then there will b no burden on it and it will be charged faster than before but we will not be able to receive our urgent calls and messages

What makes charge faster?

Many people ask the question of what makes charge faster. The answer is that to increase the potential energy many manufacturers prefer to boost the amperage or vary the voltage but the majority of fast chargers standards don’t boost the amperage to increase potential energy but vary the voltage.

By using high-quality cable:

There is a lot of difference between a high-quality cable and a normal cable. There are four individual cables in a single charging cable of colors red, green, white, and black. White and green color cables are used for transferring data and the remaining cables are used for charging the device.

By using wall socket:

When we connect our mobile with the USB on the computer or in the car then our mobile charging will be affected. Therefore it is advisable to use the port of a computer or car for only top-up, not for a full charge, and use a wall socket for charging the device.


A lot of people in this world are having problems with their phone’s battery. They are worried because their phone charging will become low in no time and want to speed up their phone’s charging. By reading the above article we will learn how to make phone charge faster. We can easily follow the above tips to speed up our phone’s charging.


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